Hefty Trent chub banked on the ‘stick and pin’

Hefty Trent chub banked on the 'stick and pin'

by Freddie Sandford |
Published on

(This catch was taken before the end of the coarse fishing season on rivers on March 15th.)

THERE’S something special about float fishing with a centrepin reel, with many anglers using the old-school tactic just for the sheer joy of it. But Joe Savage showed that the very largest fish can also be tempted on the method when he banked this 8lb 1oz chub.

He was fishing the River Trent with a breadflake hookbait and fed his swim for nearly an hour before starting. After casting out his stick float rig, Joe landed a chub of 5lb 12oz, followed by a smaller one, before hooking into the real heavyweight. He beat it to the bank using a 15ft float rod and 5lb mainline.

Fancy catching one yourself next season? Here's where to do it!

<strong>Joe Savage and his 8lb 1oz chub</strong>

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