Extraordinary ‘Goldfish’ caught

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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Julian Cundiff struck gold on a recent session when he caught this stunning 25lb albino grass carp.

Fishing at a local venue, Julian managed to trip up the fish while fishing in the margins. Although the fish is seen almost every day due to its striking appearance, it seldom makes it into an angler's hands.

"After dropping two fish in succession, I fine-tuned my presentation and stuck out an overshotted multi-rig with a heavily Nash Bait Soaked Monster Shrimp boilie," Jules told us.

"I had noticed the very 'visual' carp in the area, but it tends to come out just once a year and seems to prefer its natural food to angler's bait."

It didn't take long for the adjustments in Julian's rig to prove their worth, as the next bite saw him hook a good fish that he managed to steer towards the net.

"After putting the rig back out with a new hookbait on, the take came within minutes, with the water erupting over the spot."

"It didn't take long to realise what I had hooked, with the bright orange fish fighting in the clear water."

"After a spirited fight, I landed the 'carrot,' coming in at a weight of 25lb, a fish I loved to get in the album," he concluded.


A very unusual capture for Jules!
A very unusual capture for Jules!

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