Casting a marathon for charity

Casting a marathon for charity

by Freddie Sandford |
Published on

TWO legendary British anglers are set to cast the entire length of the London marathon to raise money for angling projects for school children and people affected by cancer.

Charles Jardine and Peter Cockwill are household names in the fly fishing world, and the pair are set to embark on the mammoth 26-mile casting challenge on June 21 to raise funds for the two charities, Fishing for Schools and Castaway.

“I know first-hand how hard it is to run a marathon, having done six of them, but lord only knows how tough it’ll be to cast a similar distance!” said Charles Jardine. “This challenge will be physically demanding on both mind and body. We think it will take us 10 hours to complete, and we need anglers’ support!”

To donate, visit ‘Charles Jardine and Peter Cockwill’s Marathon Casting Challenge’ on

The two anglers will cast the entire length of the London Marathon

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