Brace of giant Spanish perch fall to UK angler

Brace of giant Spanish perch fall to UK angler

by Freddie Sandford |
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An increasingly popular destination with UK anglers, Perchzilla in northern Spain produces 5lb-plus perch each season, with fish to over 6lb a real possibility.

Ian Jones, digital marketing coordinator at Rapala, visited last month and left with fish of 5lb 3oz and 5lb 11oz under his belt, both falling to three-inch crayfish imitation lures.

He told us: “The water is gin-clear, and I could see the fish head-shaking 20ft down the shelf within seconds of hooking them. Proper heart-in-your-mouth stuff when you see a perch that looks more like a rugby ball than a fish surface for the first time!

“The objective was a 4lb fish, so catching two ‘fives’ completely blew me away.”

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A 5lb 3oz perch for Ian Jones of Rapala.

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