Big zander makes up for the one that got away

by Freddie Sandford |
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A lure fishing session on a local canal resulted in the capture of a fine zander, that tipped the scales at an impressive 14lb 3oz.

Captor Luke Jordan had a few hours spare and decided to target an area he has previous experience of producing good fish. He also lost a very good fish at the net on a previous session from this area, and so returned to see if he could right the wrongs and try to catch another big zed.

"I had a few hours spare and decided to go to the canal and throw some lures about in the hope of finding a fish or two," Luke told us.

"I wasn't fishing long when a good fish absolutely smashed the lure."

"They’re aggressive at this time of year! It put up a great fight, as they always do, but after a few minutes I had it safely in the net."

"Having recently lost a big zander at the net, this 14lb 3oz fish put a smile back on my face."

“I had it on a 12cm Westin Shadteez, a lure which the fish hit hard and tend to hold onto resulting in more hook-ups."

Luke continued fishing but didn't manage to be reunited with the fish he lost from the previous session.

“I’m still a bit gutted about the one I lost, but that’s fishing and you can’t land them all, but that is what keeps us coming back time and time again.”


A superb zander caught by Luke.
A superb zander caught by Luke.
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