Anglers catches 16lb barbel on the 16th

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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If you're going to break your PB you might as well do it on your first session of the new season, and that is exactly what happened to Kes Keary when he banked a 16lb 12oz barbel.

Kes decided to head to the River Trent and began fishing from midnight on the 16th with the aim of catching some of its resident barbel, but action was slow, with the river seemingly devoid of life until dawn broke.

A cracking start to the season for Kes.
A cracking start to the season for Kes.

"The first few hours fishing were quite underwhelming, as they often are on the opening of the season. It is as if the fish know what is going on," Kes explained to us.

"I decided to apply some more of my trusty 18mm Barnes Black Barrels into the swim to get some extra scent into the swim, with the hope of instigating some fish into feeding."

It didn't take long for the extra application of bait to get a response, as a few fish began to make their presence known.

"Around 15 minutes after baiting up and recasting, the rod tip began to rattle and bang as the barbel brushed against my line."

"My eyes were glued to the rods as I just knew from previous experience something was guaranteed to happen."

"I received what I thought was another liner but the reel burst into life and I connected with my first barbel of the season."

"The fish was powerful and proceeded to pull me all over the river, but thankfully it never found any of the large snags or boulders present and I was able to net it."

"Thankfully an angler next door was on hand to help me photograph and weigh the fish, which incidentally went 16lb 12oz which is a new PB for me, I am elated with the capture," Kes told us.


Kes with his new barbel PB of 16lb 12oz.
Kes with his new barbel PB of 16lb 12oz.

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