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RIVER bream are not known for their ravenous winter appetites, but match ace Kelvin Tallett proved recently that if you land on a big shoal the action can be hectic when he banked well over a ton of them from a swim in his mate’s back garden!

After arriving at his friend Pat O’Connor’s house, which backs onto the River Soar, Kelvin planned to fish two lines – one short for perch, and the other at 13m fed with groundbait for bream.

But after starting short with worm hookbaits over Marine Halibut Sweet Fishmeal groundbait, he caught a 3lb slab on his third run down… and then proceeded to catch a further 127lb of them over the next few hours!

“At one point there were so many fish in the swim I was foul-hooking them, so I stopped feeding,” Kelvin said. “At the end we struggled to get the net out. It was easily my best-ever bream bag on the pole!”

<strong>Just part of Kelvin’s mega haul.</strong>

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