4lb 11oz perch tops big week for species

The capture of a string of huge perch has proved why there couldn’t be a better time to bag a new personal best.
The glut of perch was topped by a season-best 4lb 11oz fish taken on a lure by 25-year-old Laurence Mason.
Fishing a small tributary of the River Lea in Ware, the Essex-based specialist cast his favourite diving plug towards a small bridge – and it wasn’t long before a violent take ended in the capture of his new personal best.
“It hit the lure hard and my heart started to race when I saw it was a perch as it emerged through the murky water,” said Laurence.
“My dad came running down the river to see the fish. Neither of us could believe how big it was but thought it was close to 5lb.
“This goes to show how important it is not to ignore small waters because my fish proves they are capable of producing big surprises.”
The sheer volume of big perch that have been caught this week has surprised species experts across the country, as venues don’t usually start producing their biggest fish until the water temperatures begin to drop.
It’s not just rivers that are producing the goods, either.
Peter Hague used lobworms to land an amazing haul of big perch from a Yorkshire stillwater.
His fish weighed 4lb 8oz, 4lb 6oz, 3lb 14oz and 3lb 6oz.
All his predators were taken on feeder tactics and his biggest fish also sets a new personal best for the species.
Peter used a simple running leger rig made with a 6lb mainline, a 4lb hooklink and a size 8 hook.
Last, but certainly not least, is 11-year-old, Finley Dougan, who on his second ever trip and adopting the drop shotting method, hit the jackpot with a huge 4llb 4oz specimen.
It produced the only bite of the day for the youngster, who was fishing with his father, Andy. Not only is it the biggest perch he’s ever caught, but it also beat his dad’s personal best by well over a 1lb.