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The most popular commercial waters are invariably those where variety reigns supreme – and that is certainly the case on Margaret’s Lake, at Latchetts Lakes.

Located in West Sussex, the complex was previously known as Tanyard's Fishery before undergoing a revamp. Margaret’s Lake has been created by joining together the former Coarse Pool Three and Carp Free Pool, and can now accommodate up to 20 anglers at a time.

Carp from 5lb to 15lb are the primary target for most visiting anglers, and a wide range of tactics will succeed if you execute them properly.

These include everything from the pellet waggler into open water, to a Method feeder to cover, to a more specimen-orientated approach with a lead and PVA bag.

How to fish it

Doing a quick lap of the lake before settling for a swim is advisable to help you choose a spot with plenty of potential.  Swims providing cover are the obvious starting point but, if they are taken, look for an area the wind is blowing into.

Pellet waggler anglers shouldfeed half-a-dozen 8mm pellets every minute, while those working with a Method feeder will score best if they recast every four to five minutes.

Don’t take chances with your terminal tackle – rely on 5lb (waggler) or 8lb (feeder) mainline to a 0.18mm or 0.20mm hooklength and a strong size 14 hook to help you beat every carp that comes your way.

There aren’t many methods more satisfying than a good old-fashioned waggler
There aren’t many methods more satisfying than a good old-fashioned waggler

Head for cover

Pegs 14-18 have a series of mini-islands in front of them which are absolute magnets for the carp. Fish a couple of metres short of the cover where possible so that you have a little bit of leeway when a hooked fish tries to charge off!

Take great care not to allow any loosefeed to land beyond your rig, or the fish will have no incentive to leave the sanctuary of the islands. A small Hybrid or Method feeder is ideal on these swims, using a mix of groundbait and dampened 2mm pellets on the feeder with a bright wafter hookbait on top.

Feeder tactics score really well at the venue.
Feeder tactics score really well at the venue.

Popular pegs

Pegs 1-5 and 20 are fished frequently because they are within metres of where you park your car. As a result, the fish are used to being fed here, and are likely to be waiting in the area as soon as you arrive. If peg 20 isn’t in use, then you will have the option to cast to the island, and this is a great place to start your session.

Don’t neglect the open water, though, as trickling in a few pellets and grains of corn 5m-10m from the bank will soon draw the fish in. Feed it for at least an hour and then drop in over the top to improve your chances of quick bites.

The lake as a whole fishes really well regardless of where you sit!
The lake as a whole fishes really well regardless of where you sit!

Silverfish potential

The carp take centre stage with most visitors, but there are also plenty of silverfish that guarantee a productive day on the bank. Pole fishing tactics will provide the finesse required for the resident roach, rudd and skimmers, and the fish are willing to come close to the bank.

Fish at 7m and introduce a couple of balls of fishmeal groundbait at the start, lacing them with a handful of dampened micro pellets and dead maggots.

Fish either double dead red maggot or a 4mm expander pellet on the hook, with a rig comprising 0.16mm mainline to a 0.12mm hooklength and a size 18 hook. A grade eight elastic will prevent you from bumping most silvers, while giving you a chance of landing any bonus carp that may show up.

There are loads of quality silvers to target.
There are loads of quality silvers to target.

Catch a record

If you fancy catching the biggest example of a species in the land, then this lake can help you achieve that!

Pumpkinseed are a rare find throughout the UK, but there is a ‘giant’ in Margaret’s. Angling journalist Bill Rushmer once banked it at its highest-ever weight of just over 14oz!

If you land it and provide proof to the fishery, they’ll give you a free 24-hour session!

Light floatfishing tackle will provide you with your best chance, and the species is known to like small and soft baits such as maggots, pinkies and worm segments.

Huge pumpkinseed are plentiful here too.
Huge pumpkinseed are plentiful here too.

Venue factfile

Location: Latchett’s Lakes, Tanyard Lane, Furners Green, Uckfield, West Sussex, TN22 3RL

Contact: 07912 876732 or 07793 654174

Prices: Adults £15 a day, £25 for an adult and a child aged under 10. Bookings can be made in advance here

Rules: Barbless hooks only, maximum of two rods per angler, no nuts or fixed rigs

Facilities: Parking, disabled access, toilets

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