Get fishing with meat early for commercial carp – Pemb Wrighting

Get fishing with meat early for commercial carp - Pemb Wrighting

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As the weather slowly begins warming up and spring arrives, meat will keep on getting better and better. So, it’s certainly time to start thinking about popping a few tins into the bait bag.

Here's how I fish with meat on commercials early on in the season, give it a go on your next session...

Using meat can really work for carp now

Pick a light rig

A light 4x12 float with the shot strung out and a 6mm hookbait can make a big difference to presentation.

Pick a light rig when fishing meat

Match the hatch

Like my freebies, the hookbait is another 6mm cube of meat. The fatty outer coating acts as an attractant.

Match the hatch and use meat on the hook

Fish sensible kit!

An 0.18mm mainline to a 6ins hooklength of 0.14mm and a size 14 Kaizen hook will let me land anything I hook.

This is a great line for meat fishing

Land fish quickly

I don’t want hooked carp to plod around in the peg. My aim is to get them away from my catching area quickly.

This elastic will help you land carp quickly

Get the catty out

If the swim starts to slow, I’ll fire in meat via a catty. The noise pulls any fish back in that might have drifted away.

Use a catapult to feed

Come short late-on

A second shorter pole line around 5m out and off to one side, where there’s a bit of room, keeps bites coming.

Try fishing meat in close late on

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