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With Europe’s best international feeder anglers descending upon Barston Lakes last year for the first European Feeder Cup, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to head over and find out what gear the competitors were using. With pellets, wafters and Method feeders banned, strict bait limits imposed, 50cm minimum hooklengths and running rigs, we were surprised to see a lot of familiar gear on show.

Fishing on the world stage comes with added pressure and every fish counts, so tackle has to be upto the task and must instil confidence in the anglers using it. Whether it was their favourite feeder fishing rods, a certain accessory or their favourite reels, we found out what tackle they couldn't be without and why they favour the tackle they use.

Darren Cox


Former Feedermaster, British Open Winner, Parkdean Masters Champion and international at both float and feeder, Darren has an incredible angling CV and now competes with the England Masters Team.

A reliable landing net handle is something that every angler needs. If it lets you down netting a match-winning fish, you are in big trouble!

Not only is this handle light and stiff, making it easy to manoeuvre and use, but the first two sections are telescopic, which means they cannot come apart when netting at speed or lifting big fish – something that I’ve seen happen a lot!


  • Very stiff handle.
  • Strong, ideal for lifting big fish.


  • Not widely available.

Fishing with braid takes a lot out of a reel, since it doesn’t have the same cushioning effect as monofilament lines. The gearing in the TDR is world-class, making it my number one choice when competing in the harshest conditions with uncompromising lines.


  • A bulletproof reel.
  • Fantastic cranking power.


  • The handle knob isn't to everyone's liking

Chopped worms are a devastating bait tactic for bream and carp. This tool makes the task so much quicker and easier.


  • Chops worms quickly.
  • Keeps all worm and liquid contained.


  • Drawcord can snap after time.

Karolis Stankunas


Making his international debut last year, Karolis is just starting out on his international feeder fishing career.

The perfect all-round feeder rod for mid-range work, the 11ft model is my first choice for carp, bream or skimmers. Soft enough to avoid hook pulls, it has a slightly more powerful action than the Ultra version, which is especially useful when dealing with bigger fish at netting range or punching a feeder into a strong wind.


  • Great all-round feeder rod.
  • Has the backbone to tame bigger fish.


  • Not the best distance casting rod.

Although designed as a distance feeder, these plastic cage models are brilliant for all ranges. They are cone shaped, which means the bait empties out on the strike. Their wide nature allows plenty of bait to be packed in, and the thick plastic bars keep the payload intact until it hits bottom, while still creating a little cloud.


  • Interchangeable weights.
  • Strong design.


  • More suited to stillwaters than rivers.



Now entering his fith year of international duty, Jan is a highly experienced feeder specialist.

Backhome, we fish from a lot of steep, rocky banks where getting a stable set-up can be very difficult. Although slightly heavier than my previous box, it is a lot sturdier, which is a huge benefit when you need to be stood on your footplate to cast long distances.


  • Very stylish design.
  • Fully adjustable and customisable


  • Not the lightest box on the market.

A highly adaptable feeder that flies far better than a standard cage, which is especially noticeable in strong winds. Not just suitable for groundbait, I pack raw particles into this feeder when I need to deliver a big payload at distance.


  • Release the bait quickly.
  • Cast really well.


  • Not ideal for really deep water.

Charlie Richards


A former Float World Champion at youth level, Charlie is an exceptional all-rounder, having previously qualified for Feedermasters at just 14 years of age and with a full international feeder cap already under his belt.

My absolute favourite rod for close-range roach and skimmer fishing. It might be short, with a super-light action, but you can still really punch out a feeder with it. Everything about it is right, from the perfectly-actioned, easy-to-read tips to its ability to swing in chunky fish.


  • Lovely through-action.
  • Perfect for silverfish.


  • Not the best for big carp.

Originally designed as a distance reel, its powerful crank, speed of retrieve and durability make it the perfect workhorse model for almost all my feeder fishing. Just as suited to catching small fish quickly as it is fishing for carp.


  • Dual line clip.
  • Fast retrieve.


  • Not the best for long range fishing.

You might be surprised to read that I hold a bait box in such high regard, but believe me, these are an absolute must when competing with live baits in hot foreign countries.

The raised feet, combined with the mesh sides and base, ensure maximum air flow, keeping my bait as cool as possible. As an added bonus, they encourage worms to ball up, reducing the need to riddle them to remove the soil before chopping.


  • Mesh keeps bait cool in hot temperatures.
  • Great for draining excess water off bait.


  • The mesh does limit what bait you can put in.

Tiny wind knots in braid can happen at any time, but are usually very quick and easy to deal with as long as you have a knot picker to hand. The cap stops the point from blunting or stabbing my finger when loose in my box drawer. Both ends feature a disgorger, making it a very versatile and handy tool.


  • Two in one tool.
  • Floats to save you losing it.


  • The picker is sharp so be careful when using it.

Author Dan Webb first became involved in angling journalism in 2015 and has worked as Tackle Tester at Angling Times since April 2021. He is a fanatical all-round match angler and former England Youth International.

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