Top 5 pole rigs that you need to try!

No matter where you choose to fish this month, you can guarantee that your target species will come close to the bank in search of food now that the temperatures have risen sharply. 

When this happens, the pole is an unbeatable item of tackle but the sort of rig you use with it will dictate whether you get just a few bites or have a session that you won’t forget in a hurry.
Paying careful attention to your terminal tackle and bait choices is vital if you want to make the most of your time on the bank, as is getting the subtle details such asshotting and float patterns spot on.

We reveal the five most deadly spring pole rigs that are almost certain to help you and your friends put more fish in the net.

The Worm Rig

GOOD FOR: Putting together big mixed bags of quality bream and tench on stillwaters.

TACKLE: Use a rugby ball-shaped float with 5lb mainline, a 4lb hooklength and size 14 or 16 hook.

HOOKBAIT:  Half or a full worm will appeal to both species at this time of year.

The Maggot Rig

GOOD FOR: Quality roach that will only feed if the hookbait looks natural.

TACKLE: Keep it light with 3lb mainline, a 2lb hooklength and a size 18 or 20 hook.

HOOKBAIT: Red maggots will keep the bites coming. Alternate between single and double.

The Pellet Rig

GOOD FOR: Catching F1s and carp in open water swims on commercials.

TACKLE: A narrow float will help you spot every bite. Use 5lb mainline to a 4lb hooklength and a size 16 hook.

HOOKBAIT:  Start with a 4mm expander, switching to a banded pellet if small fish show.

The Margin Rig

GOOD FOR: Catching the biggest carp and F1s in the lake, especially late in the session.

TACKLE: Don’t risk getting bust by a big carp and use 6lb mainline to a 5lb hooklength. A strong float with a thick tip is a must.

HOOKBAIT:  Corn is unbeatable in the margins.

The Meat Rig

GOOD FOR: Fishing in open water for carp, F1s, big bream and tench on commercials.

 TACKLE: A balanced rig helps catch all species. Use 5lb mainline, 4lb hooklength to a size 16 hook.

HOOKBAIT:  A 6mm cube of meat will catch all species that are stocked in the fishery.