Make a rig for your pole fishing

Here Jamie Masson shows how to make a pole rig at home, from individual components, so you have a complete set-up ready to fish with. Plus you'll be able to make the perfect pole rig for tackling your favourite venue. What you’ll need is:

1) Genesis Extreme II mono.

2) Pole winders and anchors.

3) Maver Black Ice pole floats.

4) Maver Match This hooks or hooks to nylon.

5) Silicone pole sleeve and a variety of shot.


1. Start by cutting three pieces of silicone pole float sleeves, two small and one three-times as long

2. Thread the rig line through the float eye then thread on three pieces of silicone in this order

3. Push the pieces of sleeve on to the float’s stem. The top piece is placed 1in below float’s body


4. Don’t push it right up to the float’s body as this causes too much pressure on the float’s eye

5. In the end of the mono above the float, double over the line and form a loop

6. Pass the tag end through the loop twice to form a double overhand knot


7. Lubricate with spit and pull the knot tight to form a loop in the top of the rig

8. This loop is used to attach the rig to the stonfo connector when you want to fish the rig.

9. To attach hooklink, make a loop in end of the mainline and pass through the hooklink loop


10. Now pass the hook through the loop in the end of the mainline

11. Pull the mainline and hooklink tight to form the loop to loop knot. (Hooklinks not used on carp rigs)

12. With the hooklink on, shot the float using Jamie’s guide (right) to the amount of shot you’ll need


13. To place the finished rig on a winder, first place the hook on to the winder’s peg

14. Carefully wind the rig on to the winder,then place a rubber winder anchor into the end loop

15. Pull the rubber pole winder anchor and slot it over the peg in the end of the winder


16. Always make sure the float sits in the deeper side of the winder so it doesn’t get damaged in your box

How to balance your tackle

Elastic size

Line size

Hook size

No5 solid

0.06mm - 0.12mm (1lb - 3.3lb)

22 - 18

No8 solid

0.12mm - 0.16mm (3.3lb - 5.7lb)

18 - 14

No12 - 20 Dual Core

0.14mm - 0.20mm (4.2lb - 8.8lb)

16 - 12

No 16-20+ Dual Core

0.16mm - 0.26mm (5.7lb - 13.2lb)

14 - 8/6

Jamie's guide to shotting

Styl wt.

Shot wt.

Pattern 1

Pattern 2



4xNo10 bulked

4xNo10 strung out



5xNo10 bulked

3 bulked & 2 droppers



4xNo8 bulked

3xNo8, 2xNo10 drop



5xNo8 bulked

3xNo8, 3xNo10 drop

Shopping list

The bait and tackle to get you started

l Genesis Extreme II mono – £5.99

l Pole winders and anchors – £2

l Maver Black Ice pole floats – £1.50 each

l Maver Match This hooks – 99p for pack of 10 hooks

l Silicone pole sleeve and a variety of shot – £4