Carp Fishing Rig | PVA bags for carp

At this time of year the carp fishing in all lakes is hard as the carp don’t want to feed as much in the cooling water. A small PVA-bag rig like this one is perfect to get a small amount of bait perfectly placed around the hookbait.

Quick tip: Make sure the contents are dry when you make up your PVA bags, a job best done at home before fishing. 

Carp PVA bag & pop up rig.jpg

A) hookbait

Try a pop-up boilie enhanced with two live maggots on the hair. 

B) The PVA bag

A PVA bag can be attached in several ways. Here it has been created around the leger weight. 

C) solid or mesh?

Solid PVA bags are used when fishing for bigger carp. When fishing commercials for smaller carp and F1s, use a small mesh bag and nick it on to the hook.