Greatest roach catch of all time

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These are the incredible pictures of the greatest big roach catch of all time.

Well-known specialist Phil Spinks admitted that ‘he’s still pinching himself’ after he banked six roach over the 3lb mark in a session that will go down in fishing history.

The Korum and Angling Direct-backed all-rounder landed fish of 3lb 12oz, 3lb 10oz, 3lb 8oz 8dr,
3lb 6oz, 3lb 5oz and 3lb 2oz from Homersfield Lake in Suffolk.

In order to avoid the small roach that occupy the privately-owned, 33-acre fishery, the 36-year-old fished groundbait feeders in conjunction with helicopter rigs that he baited with 12mm Sonubaits Code Red boilies.

The biggest fish sets a new personal best for Phil, whose roach-fishing CV makes impressive reading as he’s now landed 37 fish over 3lb.

“This was the best day’s fishing of my life… it still hasn’t sunk in yet,” Phil told Angling Times.

“I’ve had some exceptional roach fishing at this stunning venue, but to land six over 3lb in one session is incredible and, to my knowledge, the 3lb 12oz and 3lb 10oz is one of the biggest braces of roach ever caught.

“I had loads of fish over 2lb during the same session, but I was unhooking them and slipping them back without even weighing them, which is crazy. It just shows you the sheer quality of the roach fishing here. 

“I still can’t believe I’ve had six fish of a lifetime in one session.”

Homersfield Lake is a private membership water that boasts a large head of carp to over 50lb, tench to 13lb, bream to 16lb, along with the huge roach. It’s a fishery that was also used by fishing legend John Wilson to film some of his iconic shows.

Phil’s catch has also stunned the Symonds family, which runs the venue. “We have so many huge roach caught all the time, but this is truly in a league of its own. A catch like this is totally unheard of, and will probably never be repeated,” said Martin Symonds.

“It’s a catch that really is a testament to how good an angler Phil is. There aren’t many who could come here for the day and achieve something like this… truly amazing stuff. 

“There are anglers who come and target roach, but many are caught by accident by carpers.

“We’ve had roach to 4lb 4oz caught in the past, which equals the current British record. I wonder how big they go...”