Big perch is caught on a surface fishing lure

Martyn Welch banked this super 3lb 14oz perch on a surface lure! 


He said: “An early alarm saw me on the Trent at first light, and arriving at my spot I could see fry already jumping and knew it could be worth a shot on surface lures. 

“On my first cast something big hit my popper – it was this beautiful perch.” 

Martyn went on to catch two more perch in two casts, the bigger fish measuring 40cm.

“If you want to give surface lure fishing a go make sure you use a wire trace, as pike will also snap up these lures.”

Huge 16lb 5oz River Trent barbel

Krzysztof Barczak had to wait just 40 minutes before his new personal best barbel of 16lb 5oz devoured his hookbait.


He’d planned to fish a night on his usual stretch of the River Trent, but found other anglers were in his swim. 

Finding another, vacant spot, Krzysztof was unfazed as a powerful fish picked up his luncheon meat hookbait shortly after casting out. 

He told Angling Times: “After a long battle I landed my new personal best at 16lb 5oz. 

“This beautiful fish gave me the fight of my life and the opportunity to test my new Shimano Baitrunner reel too!” 

Krzysztof used 12lb reel line attached to a 8lb hooklink to land the barbel. 

“On a pressured stretch of river, try a swim that isn’t often fished. You might find the warier barbel have moved there.” 

Huge tuna landed by shark expert

alsop tuna.jpg

Shark specialist Andrew Alsop battled for more than two hours with this 520lb bluefin tuna.

The 7ft-long fish was taken by skipper Andy aboard his own boat White Water II during a charter trip off the south-west coast of Wales.

The tuna, thought to be the biggest fish ever to be caught in British waters, fell to a mackerel and whiting hookbait over an area known as the Celtic Deep. It was beaten on a
20-40lb class rod and reel. 

Just a week ago, Angling Times revealed that an increasing number of rare and exotic fish species are being caught in UK waters. Gavin Davies, one of the guests aboard White Water II, was among those who helped Andy to land the bluefin.

“It just came out of nowhere,” he said. “There was no surface activity even though we were chumming for sharks. Suddenly the reel screamed and line poured off it. As I’m an experienced boat captain we decided it was best for me to take the helm and allow Andy, who’s more experienced with monster fish, to take the rod.”

Bluefin tuna are recognised as an endangered species by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and it is illegal to target them by design in EU waters. Andrew and his crew released the fish safely back to the water.

Andrew said: “It took six of us to get it on board. The last 40 minutes were the worst. I could barely gain any line. It’s the fish of a lifetime and an amazing feeling to catch one on my own rod. I’m still aching days after the catch, and I wouldn’t want to do that all over again in a hurry.”

Four crucians top 3lb


Is this the biggest-ever crucian caught from the North of England? The 3lb 10oz specimen was just one of four of 3lb-plus that were taken by Alan Moran during a recent session at Hurlston Hall Fishery near Liverpool. 

The 68-year-old also put five more crucians in the net by floatfishing 6mm pellets over a bed of pellet groundbait close to the bank. 

He said: “It was one of those rare days when find you’ve got the lake all to yourself. I decided to fish a spot that I’d had good crucian and roach sport from before and simply had one of those red letter days. I couldn’t believe my eyes when each 3lb crucian made its way to my net!”

Chris Netto, of The Association of Crucian Anglers, added: “From just looking at the picture it is highly likely that this is a genuine crucian, although a proper scale count or DNA would officially confirm this.”

Angler catches a double figure barbel from 30 different rivers!

Specimen ace Phil Smith made it a double-figure barbel from a staggering 30 different UK rivers with this 10lb 12oz specimen.

10lb-12oz _R Arrow. phil smith.jpg

The Coventry angler achieved his latest milestone on a Trades and Labour Angling Club-run stretch of the River Arrow in Warwickshire.

Phil tempted it on a Mad Baits, 14mm Pandemic boilie, fished over small pellets and broken boilies. 

He said: “I’ve been trying for different river barbel doubles for 12 years.  This year I was looking to try the Witham, the Kentish Stour and the Wandle, but something drew me back to the Arrow despite very few doubles ever being caught on there. I was about to pack up for another failed attempt when the rod took off.” 

16lb 6oz Trent barbel landed

A change of venue paid dividends for Harry Pardoe when he landed this personal-best 16lb 6oz barbel.

The angler from the West Midlands was struggling on his usual stretch of the River Trent, so he made the decision to try another area further downstream.

Using a heavy feeder rig with Baitworks Royal Marine pellets and bait dip, his choice of swim proved decisive as Harry bagged a number of fish, including an 11lb specimen, before the 16-pounder took a boilie hookbait early in the morning.

harry pardoe.jpg