Drennan Series 7 Specialist Avon Quiver

This delightful twin-top rod has a multitude of uses on commercial pools, rivers and lakes, and makes a brilliant, close and medium range tool for targeting tench and bream.

Perfect for reel lines in the 5lb to 10lb range, the rod is capable of casting feeders weighing from 0.5oz to 3oz with the quiver section, or fishing a close-range float with the Avon top.

You get two glass, push-in quiver tops rated at 3oz and 4oz that offer excellent bite registration and both sport high-viz white tops.

The rod has a comfortable progressive action that’s good for keeping small hooks in place but is not designed for long casts, so it’s best fished from in the margins to around 35 yards.

There’s a host of useful rod information on the underside of the butt section.

RRP £99.95