Preston Innovations Pro V Roller

This is one of the best-selling V rollers in Britain. Based on a lightweight but highly sturdy camera tripod design, it can be assembled for use in seconds.

The adjustable central pole extends the height of the mini roller at the base of the V from 50cm (20in) to 80cm (32in).

Each tripod leg can also be independently extended from 46cm (18in) to 84cm (33in) to increase overall footprint size and a braced, tripod, locking mechanism ensures the legs can’t collapse.
The Pro V Roller is supplied in its own durable, protective carry case and the aluminium box-design legs are incredibly strong but light. The overall weight is 2kg.

The model shown here has a set of screw-on, Preston V Roller Stops to prevent poles from being blown up and out of the V rollers. They’re available separately at £12.99 a set.

RRP £54.99