Preston Innovations Absolute Black Seatbox

Features: Integral spirit level, light aluminium construction, carbon-friendly pole-retaining strap, under seat storage for hooklength boxes, removable quick-lock footplate, detachable shoulder strap, concealed front drawer, captive internal telescopic legs, 30mm profile legs (two with threaded inserts), anti-snag handwheels.
Includes: Deep side drawer unit (ready partitioned), concealed front drawer unit (ready partitioned), winder tray with 26cm winders, winder tray with 18mm winders, two Off Box Pro-Snap short keepnet arms, shuttle adaptor, three hooklength boxes, seatbox cover. 
Dimensions: Maximum height setting (top of legs) 53mm Maximum width 720mm Maximum depth (footplate closed) 560mm
Maximum depth (footplate open) 850mm
This stunning new all-black Absolute seatbox is probably the best yet from Preston Innovations. The Absolute Black (also available in white and blue versions!) takes over from the earlier flagship Absolute Station, and brings with it all the features that made its predecessor the ‘must have’ seatbox for all match anglers.
Sturdy construction and modular cassette-style configuration ensure that the box is not only practical and durable, but hugely adaptable to any angling situation thrown at it.
It retains the 30mm leg size, ergonomic handwheel design and solid covered footplate, although this latest version is lockable in any position, and now utilises handy ‘triple start’ knobs for ease of assembly.
As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a redesigned carbon-friendly pole-retaining strap, new captive internal leg design and an improved detachable shoulder strap.
There are threaded inserts on two legs, and it comes complete with two fully loaded winder trays.