Drennan Rive Seatbox

Drennan International, in collaboration with French company Rive, has introduced what could become the most stylish, desirable and aspirational seatbox the world has ever seen.

The all-new limited edition Drennan Rive has been exclusively sat upon by all the Drennan Team England members who were recently crowned kings of Europe. Is based on the original Rive D36 model, but with some significant improvements implemented by the Drennan design team.

In keeping with the company’s new colour scheme, the seatbox features a striking aqua, black, and grey livery, and has an aqua-embossed backplate with matching side and front drawer systems.

The old wooden Rive cross and front drawers, which were unfortunately given to expansion (making them all but impossible to open at even the slightest sign of dampness), have been replaced by sturdy, high-impact plastic versions which glide open effortlessly no matter how much you weigh, or where that weight is placed on the box’s ample and very comfy padded leather pole seat.

Improvements can also be found on both drawers’ quick-release mechanisms. The super sturdy anti-slip footplate has been redesigned too. Gone are the rear-fitting back pins, which had an annoying habit of snapping off up should you accidentally push the footplate backwards before lifting them. They have been replaced by a simple but very effective positive front locking system.

Most importantly of all, this superb stylish piece of equipment not only looks the business, but it works seamlessly, ticking every box.

Price: £1,099.99

Rive ST frame system
HSP non-slip footplate
Drennan-embossed backplate
Drennan embroidered logo
Padded pole seat with aqua piping
Rive D36mm legs
Open leg system
2 x standard legs
2 x telescopic legs
2 x telescopic legs with open top adaptors.
Articulated mudfeet
Single 30mm cross drawer
Deep 60mm front drawer
Pull-out tray and carry lid
Improved, strengthened drawer handles
Stainless steel release pins
Anti-slip footplate
Twist-locking footplate catches