Guru Pellet Wagglers for carp

THESE long-awaited pellet wagglers from Guru are now in shops everywhere.

There are two main designs. The 10g, 12g and 14gbalsa-built Big Water floats promise superb casting accuracy. 

The 6g, 8g and 10g foam pellet wagglers in Guru’s latest surface camo colour are intended for very shallow work. Shot them conventionally or with Guru’s new waggler conversion weights.

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Daiwa Double Rock 'N' Roller Pole Fishing Roller

DAIWA’S Double Rock ‘n’ Roller pole roller tilts back and forth to give the perfect angle of travel as you ship the pole in or out.  

A unique horizontal double flat layout is said to provide extra section protection, as it spreads the weight of the pole over a wider area.

Rotating uprights, extending legs and a fold-flat lightweight construction all add up to make this one of the best and safest pole rollers on the market.

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Middy M-Tech Carp Commercial line

This ace new camo reel line for commercial fisheries matches muddy water, and its quick sinking properties far outperform those of standard mono. 

Its polished hard outer shell improves casting distances and abrasion-resistance. On big 300m spools, in six breaking strains from 4lb (0.16mm) to 12lb (0.28mm)

Price: £7.50 

Cryogen hooks from E-S-P

The cryogenic tempering process results in a pattern up to 30 per cent stronger than all other PTFE-coated carp hooks on the market. Three patterns feature durable ultra-sharp long-life needle points...


Previously available under the E-S-P Raptor banner but now even better thanks to cryogenic treatment. 

They suit a number of presentations (including the Ronnie Rig), where their quick turning, anti-eject shape and needle-sharp point guarantees exceptional hookholds.
In barbed sizes 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

Grip Rigger 

This hook combines several proven patterns. Ideal for chod or stiff rigs, its fine curved sticky-sharp beaked point offers extra insurance when fishing weedy or snaggy swims. In barbed sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


This ‘enforcer’ of E-S-P’s Cryogen range is a medium shank pattern combining a crystal bend with a long, slightly offset fine, needle-sharp point and a slick Tufflon coating for secure hook-ups. The straight eye design allows it to be used with all bottom baits or pop-ups, with or without a kicker being added to the rig. Also highly effective for D-Rig presentations. In barbed sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Price for all the above: £3.95

Matrix S36 Orange SuperBox

A real eye-popper from Matrix is this limited-edition orange Superbox 36.

Around its lightweight aluminium frame it boasts a host of features including super-stable 36mm legs – all with threaded accessory points – large diameter swivelling mudfeet and 25mm telescopic inserts. 

The padded seat has its own spirit level, while an integral anti-warp sliding footplate its tidily away underneath the main frame when not in use. A stylish new backplate is bound to appeal to a cult following.

The box comes with a choice of two configurations – one deep drawer with a 90mm storage unit, or two single tray units, both with lids.

Price: £529.99  

Superbox Two-wheel Transporter

A new transporter from Matrix is designed specifically to fit the Superbox. Quick and straightforward to use, the double wheel system can be used with both 36mm and 25mm Superboxes. 

It comes supplied with solid puncture-resistant wheels, features a quick-release system for removing the wheels at your peg, and packs away neatly into the supplied carry-bag.

Price: £94.99  


Frenzee Match Seatbox

RRP: £649.99(standard package)

This stunning new seatbox is everything a match angler could wish for. The strong, lightweight aluminium frame provides a low centre of gravity and features an easy height-adjust system.
You can also customise the drawer and tray unit configuration to suit your own style. There is even more lockable storage space for additional tray units situated between the footplate and upper frame if required.
A raft of other key features include 36mm legs with threaded end caps, a padded carbon-friendly pole seat, snag-free fittings throughout, two spirit levels and a fail-safe integral footplate incorporating two unique 36mm moulded accessory blocks, which are ideally placed for keepnets.
A padded rear bar stops the box digging into your back while being carried by the shoulder strap.
You can choose from black, white or orange livery and a huge range of additional box accessories are available.