Trio of 40lb-plus carp from Rockford Lake

“Leaving my landing net at home was the best thing I’ve ever done,” said Adam Rawlings after his initial forgetfulness led to the capture of three forties in a session.

Having set up at Hampshire’s tricky Rockford Lake on a Friday, the Southampton angler realised he had left his net at home and so packed up and returned the next morning.

What followed was an incredible session that saw him bank the Random Lin at 42lb 8oz and two other mirrors of 40lb 2oz and 43lb 2oz. He also landed a 27lb 8oz common.

The 31-year-old had walked the lake on the Friday and seen a fish jump. He said: “I ran to my car, loaded up the barrow and quickly got round to a swim which was two pegs away from where I had seen the fish jump. I quickly set up and was ready to cast my rods when I realised I had left my net at home. I was really gutted and I packed up and went home.”

Returning with renewed enthusiasm, and a landing net, the next day, Adam saw another fish jump in the same place.

He said: “I put 3kg of bait at 175 yards and fished two rods at either edge of the spot. All night I was having lots of liners, then at around 5am on Sunday morning I woke up to a one-toner on one of the long rods.

“After an epic battle I banked one of my target fish, the Random Lin at 42lb 8oz, I could not explain how I felt – I was speechless!”

Just 45 minutes later, the same rod roared off and Adam banked a 40lb 2oz mirror. “I was so pleased and overwhelmed – I could not believe my eyes,” he said.

Having picked up the 27lb 8oz common the next day, Adam rounded off his dream session with a 43lb 2oz mirror. “It was the best thing I had ever done, leaving my net at home!”
Adam baited with Sticky Krill boilies and fished matching pop-ups on rigs made with Fox components.

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