River Monsters star Jeremy Wade shocked as catfish strikes back

Jeremy Wade is on the verge of taking his hit TV series on the road despite being left bloodied after a promotional chatshow appearance.

River Monsters Face to Face, which is officially supported by Angling Times, kicks off at the Leatherhead Theatre on March 8 – but its host hasn’t escaped danger in the run-up to the 13-date tour.

Appearing on Alan Titchmarsh’s cosy daytime show earlier this month, Jeremy was presented with an Amazonian redtail catfish to show the audience. However, his attempt to remove the fish from its tank ended in bloodshed as the catfish pierced Jeremy’s left thumb.

“I suppose it was slightly humiliating for me but it’s often the smaller fish you have to be wary of,” said the Somerset-based globetrotter. “I’ve handled so many of these catfish in the wild and normally the pectoral spine is quite blunt, but the guy who brought it to the studio had actually been stabbed by it earlier in the day, so I had a careful look at it through the glass beforehand.”

Looking ahead to his tour, which will invite questions from the audience, the former biology teacher said: “I’ve done one-off talks before but this is the first time I’ve done a tour like this.

“We’re away filming for two and a half weeks and we crunch that down to as little as 30 minutes on screen, so this is an opportunity to talk about the behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn’t get shown. There will also be a little bit about how I ended up in this position with the TV show.”