44lb mirror carp from Emperor Lakes

Getting away from the crowds paid dividends for Mark Owen who landed this cracking 44lb 8oz mirror from Emperor Lakes in Devon.

Targeting the complex’s Syndicate Lake, the Paignton-based rod arrived to find one bank full of anglers.

“This made swim choice easy for me, as I knew the fish would most likely have moved to the opposite side of the lake to get away from the angling pressure,” he explained.

Mark, who landed a brace of 30lb-plus mirrors from the venue on his previous session, baited a clear area with Pallatrax 14mm Multiworm boilies and offered matching flavoured pop-ups over the top.

“By the time I’d got all three rods in position and had a brew it was getting dark and cold so I decided to retire to my sleeping back.

“The next thing I knew it was 1.30am and I had been woken by a slow and steady take on my right-hand rod. A dogged fight that seemed to last an age followed, but I eventually slipped my landing net under a rather large fish. On the bank she tipped the scales round to 44lb 8oz setting a new UK personal best for myself.

“I later learnt that this particular fish was last caught back in July 2013 at 37lb so it has shown some impressive weight gains.”

Mark beat his prize with a combi-rig constructed from 15lb fluorocarbon and 15lb Pallatrax Braid attached to a size 6 The Hook.