Trio of bream goes 43lb 8oz

Trevor Pole has continued his run of form on a tough Leicestershire stillwater with the capture of three big bream for a combined weight of 43lb 8oz.

After an uneventful first night without so much as a liner, sport eventually picked up for the 55-year-old when a shoal of specimens honed in on his bed of bed which consisted of two pints of dead red maggots, two pints of casters and three tins of sweetcorn.

In a manic spell of angling he landed a brace of huge slabs weighing 15lb 7oz and 15lb 5oz before completing the hat trick with a 12lb 12oz specimen.

“There was a time when many of us used to pack all of our bream gear away by the end of September, but if you’re fishing a lake that’s got decent depth it’s possible to fish way into November,” the self-employed gardner told Angling Times.

“Even when we start to get the first consistent frosts of the year I will continue to sit it out because it takes a lot longer than people think for the water temperatures to really start to get down and stop the bream from getting their heads down.

“When you’re fishing for bream  like this it’s vital to fish with quite fine end tackle because they are very finicky and under pressure, but I did get a bit nervous when the lead became snagged in the rocks while the 15lb 5oz bream was attached to the other end of the rig. I guess it was just meant to be.”

Trevor offered imitation caster hookbaits on helicopter rigs comprising 7lb Berkley Fireline hooklinks and size 14 Korum hooks.