Great River Sport On The Avon At Barford

Most people associate the Warwickshire Avon with a net of roach caught on a slow moving river. However, there is one stretch near Warwick where this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Barford Angling Association 50-peg section below the weir at Barford is often called the mini River Wye due to its fast flow and ability to produce some cracking nets of barbel and chub.

Of course there are plenty of roach to be had and some anglers like to target the dace for nets to 20lb but the majority that like to fish here do so because they can enjoy fishing you would only usually find some 70 miles west at places like Hereford and Shrewsbury. The fishing here isn’t easy though as good river craft and the ability to trott a stick float for example, are a must if you are to enjoy a successful day. There are plenty of fish in here including barbel to 15lb but averaging around 8lb, bream to double-figures, roach, dace, perch to 4lb-plus as well as chub.

The depth on this stretch is only around 3-6ft and there are plenty of boils, eddies and slacks that make great fish holding features. With conditions similar to that found on rivers like the Wye, tactics required are pretty similar too. Wire-stem stick floats of around 7 no. 8’s are ideal for most swims using rods of 13ft plus for control.

You can fish this way in conjunction with loose-fed maggots or caster and hemp, around ten maggots a cast to be exact for a nice mixed net of fish including smaller barbel. Take a few pints of them as you can get through a bit of bait on a stretch like this. A whip with a mini waggler float may also be useful here if you want to catch a net of dace while big baits, strong rods and ledger rigs can also be used for specimen fish such as big barbel.

Tip: When fishing loose-fed maggots, try flavouring with turmeric spice to add more colour and also to degrease the maggots, making them sink faster in the flow.

Price: £45 a season, Barford AA, Over 65 £20, memberships are half price after Dec 15th
Contact: Barford AA, 01564 77741,
Location: River Avon, Barford, Warwickshire, (Access supplied upon membership approval)
Rules: No night fishing, no braid, no litter, no fishing between platforms