37lb 4oz mirror heads an impressive session

This stunning 37lb 4oz mirror was the highlight of a three fish catch taken by Scott Sweetman during a four day session on a Berkshire club water.

As well as the impressive specimen known as Crop Tail, the 26-year-old’s trip also yielded a 38lb mirror called Pearly and The Leney at 28lb.

All of his fish were taken during a 24 hour period from a patch of silt at 30 yards range which he had baited with a light scattering of Sticky Krill boilies before casting pop-up hookbaits over the top.

“The venue doesn’t have a particularly big stock of fish so I was delighted to get three in a session,” said the Cippenham, Berkshire-based set dresser.

“Crop Tail was an excellent addition to the photo album but there’s a few other bigger fish that I’m still targeting in the venue so hopefully my run of form will continue,” he added.

Scott mounted his hookbaits on hinged-stiff rigs comprising Korda N-Trap boom sections and Korda Mouthtrap attached to size 6 Atomic Chodda hooks with light 1.5oz leads.