150lb Mixed Nets at Meremoor Fishery

Weights are set to soar at Meremoor as the mid to late summer months are the most productive at this North-West fishery which is already seeing weights over 150lb being recorded from the match lakes.

Situated amongst the rolling countryside of southern Cheshire, Meremoor compromises of four pools, two match pools a pleasure lake as well as a specimen pond for carpers. The two match pools, with 34 pegs in total and depths averaging 4-7ft, are both heavily stocked with carp averaging around 3-8lb along with the odd double-figure fish and these can be caught on a variety of tactics to suit. The tactic winning all the matches at the moment though is the pellet waggler. Feeding small pellets consistently over the top and fishing say a 6 or 8mm version over the top is the way to go and with this method you can easily explore your swim and fish up in the water in search of fish. Bags over 250lb have been caught during the summer months here using this method but let’s not ignore the pole which can also be productive particularly when fishing the margins or tight to the lakes numerous islands. Here you can feed a little groundbait, corn or meat to catch carp to 10lb. The lake also holds plenty of orfe, ide, crucians as well as silverfish, which can be targeted separately using hemp for nets well into double-figures.

The pleasure lake (12 pegs) is similarly stocked to the match pools but the fish are much bigger and more selective on here. The carp are bigger, averaging around 8-10lb but many anglers fish for the smaller species such as silverfish and crucians to catch a nice net over 50lb, enjoying plenty of bites along the way. For big carp however, head to the complex’s Specimen Pool. This lake has 14 swims and is available for night bookings. With carp up to 28lb 8oz including plenty of big doubles it is well worth a visit if boilies, pva bags and bivvys are your thing.

TIP: Feed little and often for best sport on all lakes. Keep the bait going in throughout the session, feeding to bites.

Prices: £5 a day or £10 a night session, specimen lake is £10 a day or £15 a night, 24 hours £25
Contact: 07563 636991, www.meremoorfisheries.co.uk
Location: Meremore Fisheries, Barthomley Road, Alsager, Cheshire, CW2 5NT
Facilities: Toilets  
Rules: Barbless only, unhooking mats for carp, no keepnets, no lead core, no fixed leads