Record UK carp venue to open its doors to all anglers

Average anglers will soon be able to target the historic fish stocks of one of the UK’s most famous record-breaking venues, Angling Times can exclusively reveal.

Conningbrook Lake, in Kent, once home to the famous British record carp Two Tone, was previously only accessible to a select group of anglers.

But now the man at the helm of Mid Kent Fisheries, which controls the lake, wants the stock - that includes many specimens to 50lb - to be available to any angler who becomes a member of MKF - a ticket that can be purchased by anyone.

Chris Logsdon also has plans to stock the venue with new fish when he makes the changes to the water’s accessibility next year, while revealing that anglers fishing Conningbrook will be in with a chance of hooking a fish created using the sperm taken from Two Tone which has the potential to tip the scales at the weights reached by the late British best.

“It’s my belief that quality specimen carp waters holding truly exceptional fish shouldn’t be out of the reach of the average angler who doesn’t have the time or money to be a part of an exclusive syndicate,” Chris told AT.

“The only reason that just the 75 anglers had access to Conningbrook in the past was because I had to make sure that there wasn’t too much pressure on Two Tone.

“But now I want to open up this water and many anglers don’t realise it contains around 50 other exceptional fish, as well as the offspring of Two Tone, a fish I’ve seen several times that’s packing on weight just like the fish that came before him.

“I’m very excited about the fact that the stock of this historic and iconic fishery can now be made available to more anglers.”

The news comes just weeks after it was announced that South East Water signed the massive Mid Kent portfolio of waters over to Chris, giving him a free rein to improve and expand what is one of the biggest and most successful group of waters in the UK.

The move is what has allowed the prestigious Conningbrook Lake to be opened up to hundreds of anglers and is something that is celebrated by former British carp recordholder and member of Mid Kent Fisheries, Lee Jackson.

“I think it’s great news for carp angling because even though Two Tone’s gone, there are still loads of huge fish in there to be caught,” said Lee.

“But this lake isn’t just about the fish. I’ve spent many years here and it just has a very special, relaxing feeling about it and I’d advise any carp angler to join up and have a go because it truly is a magical place.”