Proof that zig rigs catch carp in winter as well as summer

Anyone who thought zig rigs were just a summer approach should try telling that to Stuart Young, who banked 10 fish to 33lb 2oz from a local syndicate using the tactic.

Within three hours of his arrival the 32-year-old had netted five carp, including two thirties, a mid-twenty and two upper-doubles. The bites then slowed up, but as soon as the sun rose the following morning the action started again, and in a short period he banked the big common, a 30lb 2oz mirror and three doubles.

“When I got to the venue I found someone already set up in the swim I fancied, so I went for a walk down the other end of the lake, where fortunately I found a group of carp patrolling along the far margin,” he said.

“I started off with two zigs and one bottom bait, but after banking a couple of fish from up in the water, including one of 31lb 4oz, I swapped all three rods over to zigs.”

The move proved to be a wise one and just five minutes later he received a steady take and was soon posing for the cameras with a stunning 32lb linear.

All the carp were fooled by the Hampshire-based firefighter with trimmed-down Nash Bait Formula 1 pop-ups mounted on 10lb Drennan Double Strength hooklinks and size 10 Nash Fang Gaper hooks.