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Jake’s Rakes are the most effective way to remove pond weed such as potamogetan and Canadian pond weed.

From 8 to 48 inch there is a size for all needs, from clearing out the garden pond to large scale lake raking.

Better than weed cutters as Jake’s Rakes get the roots too. Remove the root, remove the problem.

An 18 year need to remove pond weed from our ponds (Carleton Hill Fishery) has resulted in the perfect design.

Self righting! No matter how it lands it will be the right way round when you pull it in.

 Great for removing autumn debris and lost lines.

All Jake’s Rakes use the Jake’s Rakes pattern which is perfectly spaced, tapered and angled tines which creates a rake which works better than anything else available.

Each throwing rake comes with 20 meters of 6mm polypropylene rope with spliced thimble connected via D-shackle to the rake and a loop spliced into the rope end.