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Looking to get into big-carp fishing on a budget but don’t know what rods and reels to buy?

Simple! Read this review, then watch the video on Daiwa’s Crosscast 10ft, 12ft and 13ft rods with test curves from 2.75lb to 3.5lb. Built around Daiwa’s proven 1K woven carbon blanks, these beauties will help you to add yards to your cast.

A responsive, progressive action ensures that you’ll stay in control of the hardest-fighting fish.

Team one of these with the new super carpy Crosscast carp reel packed with top-end tech including a superb QD front drag system, HIP line-friendly clip and super smooth Diggigear retrieve and you’re off to a flying start!


Daiwa’s latest Crosscast Carp 5000C QD is, in my opinion, a big pit game changer of a reel.

Packed with more technical wizardry than a Euro jet fighter, not only does it hit the heights in performance terms, but its classic all-black finish and sharp body lines are up there with the very best in the style stakes.

The Crosscast slow oscillation system produces a line-lay that even to the trained eye looks as precise as you would expect to find on the most expensive reels. And as the reel is endowed with Daiwa Digigear it has a ramped-up, silky-smooth winding transmission that pulls in 106cm of line per handle crank.

The front-of-spool QD (quick drag) system works a treat, with nothing more than a few clicks on the spool knob needed to pile on or reduce the pressure when playing a big fish. QD also makes easy work of setting the reel spool up perfectly under any conditions for your next run.

The amount of line (300m of 0.35mm) you can get on to the

long-cast spool will appeal particularly to those who like to place their baits at range using a bait boat.

During the live test I played a big fish while standing waist-deep in water, then purposely dropped the reel into the wet stuff for several minutes while I unhooked the fish.

Did a dunking affect the reel and how it performed in any way? Well... quick shake dry and it was working just as well as when I took it from its box. How on earth does Daiwa produce this reel for under £80?

Price: £79.99


Thanks to a dependable carbon weave material and a decent array of furnishings, Daiwa’s Crosscast carp rods are as easy on the eye as they are on the pocket.

For a modest amount of moolah you get ceramic LS-lined guides (including a 50mm butt guide and anti-frap tip ring), full flared shrink-grip handle and an original Fuji reel seat.

The 12ft, 3lb test curve model on live test duty is a ‘Steady Eddie’ of a performer that can turn its hand to just about any method. It will handle solid PVA bags and straight lead set-ups, and is just about soft enough on the top of its tip section for zig tactics using hooks as small as size 12.

Very well suited to smaller or middle-sized venues, it will chuck up to 65 yards with ease, and will achieve 100 yards-plus in the hands of an accomplished caster.

However, the Crosscast is definitely not a horizon-buster, but more of an all-round tool for the newbie carper looking for a dependable and good-looking carp rod on a realistic budget.

Price: £89.99

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