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The legendary Mitchell 300, that has quite possibly been responsible for more match wins than any other reel, has been given an upgrade.

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Two new models – the 300 and the super-slick 300 Pro – measure up perfectly to all float and feeder tactics.

The original Mitchell 300 was widely considered to be the first spinning reel suitable for match fishing. This latest version, clad in a very classy-looking black and silver livery, is fully loaded with the latest technology while still maintaining many super-cool retro elements.

The re-build includes a new Bail Halo rotor for loads of winding power, while six bearings provide smooth, trouble-free running. The new low-profile multi-disc front drag is quick, intuitive and infallible, while a fast 5.1:1 gear ratio generates 0.67m of retrieve per oscillation.

The new all bells and whistles 300 Pro raises the bar even higher. Super light and smooth-running, the reel features a self-lubricating carbon hybrid drag system that is not affected by heat build-up, and that irons out any spikes in line tension resulting from setting the hook or head shakes from big fish.

To that you can add a super-fast 5.8:1 ratio retrieving 0.84m of line per oscillation, and no fewer than 10 ball-bearings for a seamlessly smooth wobble-free performance.

Mitchell’s new Bail Halo rotor is also deployed on the Pro 300, which comes with a shallow, braid-friendly aluminium spool and a spare.

Both new reels are also available in 308 versions.

Price: Mitchell 300/308 £49.99

Mitchell 300 Pro/308 Pro £69.99

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