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In the last couple of years, the drop shotting craze has swept across the UK. Anglers with short rods can now be seen on canals and rivers all over the country flicking out brightly coloured bits of rubber in the hope of catching a few perch.

The tactic has quickly found favour with anglers of all disciplines, with carp, match and pleasure anglers all willing to give it a go. A large part of the tactic’s popularity is that it is so quick and easy to enjoy. You don’t need mountains of gear – a rod, a reel, a selection of lures and a few items of terminal tackle in a small bumbag or rucksack are all that you need to take along.

You can leave this gear in the boot of your car and if you suddenly find yourself having an hour or so to spare you can be set-up and ready to go in seconds. And because the rods are so light, even small perch can provide some fantastic sport.

With the tactic growing in popularity, an increasing number of manufacturers have started to produce rods designed specifically for use with light lures. So here are our top 10 Drop shot rods available for you right now.


RRP: £39.99 - Length: 6ft - Casting weight: 3g-12g

Featuring a medium action, this 3g-12g rod, the lightest in Korum’s new Speed Spin Rod range, is ideal for drop shotting and casting ultra-light jigheads.

It features a sensitive tip but has enough power in reserve to set the hook. With Japanese inspired cosmetics, including the ergonomic reel seat, the rod certainly looks like one you’d expect to see in a much higher price bracket.

Positive: Japanese inspired cosmetics

Negative: The top guides are a little too far apart


RRP: £79.99 - Length: 210cm - Casting weight: 5g-21g


This rod is part of the new 33-rod Fox Rage Prism range.

Designed specifically for finesse lure tactics, light drop shotting or micro jigging, it is nicely balanced with a fast action. It is has enough backbone to help set the hook but is light enough that you won’t bump off small perch when playing them.

The Fuji reel seat and abbreviated EVA handles are nice to hold for long periods.

Positive: Excellent value for money

Negative: Slight flat spot in the tip section


RRP: £84.99 - Length: 7ft - Casting weight: 5g-20g


Air is a new range of rods from Berkley which includes two drop shot models.

Designed with the use of braided mainlines, this one has 8 low-diameter guides. The ergonomic handle fits in your hand nicely and feels comfortable when held for long periods of time. The rod has enough stiffness to set the hook when small perch are the target.

Positive: Well suited to deeper water and jigs

Negative: Hook keeper ring on top of the blank



RRP: £59.99 - Length: 7ft 3in - Casting weight: 3g-18g

Wychwood’s first foray into the ever-growing drop shot market will certainly be a hit with light lure anglers. It feels nicely balanced in the hand and the tip is incredibly responsive, which enables you to impart movement into the lure without moving the weight.

There’s enough reserve power in the butt section to easily cope with perch, small pike and zander.

Positive: A lovely slim blank and responsive tip

Negative: The handle could be more ergonomic



RRP: £69.95 - Length: 7ft 6in - Casting weight: 4g-14g

This rod really comes into its own on canals, small rivers and marinas. The lightweight, slim, high modulus blank delivers the necessary finesse for drop shotting while holding plenty of power in reserve.

The sensitive tip action provides a tactile feel and the fast blank offers excellent control of the lure, enabling you to strike at the slightest tap.

Positive: Weighs just 95g so can be held for long periods

Negative: More suited to deeper water with heavier weights



RRP: £159.99 - Length: 1.90m - Casting weight: 3g-14g

The Ci4 reel seat is not only aesthetically stunning it feels lovely in your hand. The action of the rod is extra fast, which means the stiff blank recovers quickly. This enables you to sensitively twitch small rubber lures without moving the weight.

Positive: Great action for light lures

Negative: Doesn't pack down a comactly as a traditional two-piece rod would



RRP: £129.95 - Length: 2.3m - Casting weight: 3g-12g

The one-piece blank helps to make the rod more responsive when fishing lighter jig heads and drop shot lures because there’s no joining spigot to reduce the ‘telegraphing’ of the lure through the blank.

It weighs just 95g so it perfect for holding for long periods.

Positive: Ergonomic grips on reel and butt section of handle

Negative: A little heavy for ‘finesse’ drop shotting


savage gear.jpg

RRP: £79.99 - Length: 7ft 4in - Casting weight: 2g-12g

Sitting firmly in the mid-price category for light lure rods, the Black Savage offers lightness and crispness in the hand. It weighs in at a featherweight 95g making it comfortable to hold for long periods when paired with a small lightweight reel. It is crisp on the cast and the blank retains plenty of tactile feel making the smallest of plucks on the line noticeable.

Positive: Unique and stylish marble effect handle

Negative: Orange tip doesnt't serve any real purpose



RRP: £39.99 - Length: 7ft - Casting weight: 0.5g-10g

The Garbospin Sprint has been specifically developed for the UK market, which has a much greater emphasis on drop shotting and other light lure tactics.

The two-piece rod consists of a beautifully light slimline carbon blank and has an extremely sensitive spliced solid carbon tip which transmits takes incredibly well.

Positive: Sensitive tip provides good transmission

Negative: The handle is slightly longer than most



RRP: £59.99 - Length: 6ft 6in - Casting weight: 1g-9g

Part of Daiwa’s Light Lure rod range, this is the shortest of two models designed specifically for drop shotting. It boasts a spliced-in solid carbon tip for added sensitivity and is built on an ultra thin premium grade blank with lightweight single leg ceramic braid-friendly guides. The rod’s transmission is superb and enables you to feel every knock and tremble on the lure.

Positive: Incredibly sensitive tip

Negative: May struggle to cop with bigger predators

Sonik Magna Dropshot rods

RRP: £49.99

Sonik Magna Dropshot rods

The Magna Dropshot Spinning Rods are part of a new three-rod range from Sonik designed specifically for the popular light lure fishing tactic.

The blanks have extremely sensitive tips which aids casting accuracy and enables direct action to be imparted to the lure.

There is a fair amount of power in the butt section so if you latch into a personal best perch you can rest assured that the rod is up to the job of landing it. The lightweight K- style guides are ideal for use with fine braid mainlines and the legs are long enough to keep the line away from the blank and reduce friction to a minimum.

The custom click-safe down-locking reel seat will house your reel securely during the repeated casting that comes with this style of lure fishing. There are three different lengths available – 6ft, 6ft 6in and 7ft. All three have a casting weight rating of 2g-8g.

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