Preston’s Superium poles have been more than worth the wait!

Tackle Editor Mark Sawyer takes an exclusive first look at the Preston Innovations Superium poles

Preston’s Superium poles have been more than worth the wait!

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PRESTON Innovations is about to launch eight new Superium poles, the culmination of nearly three decades of development that began with the company’s top-end Privilege and entry level Blue Point models.

One thing that every pole angler demands is the provision of interchangeable top kits, and those on the Superium poles are all the same, whether you purchase the excellent Superium X10 or the flagship X90. Another huge bonus is that the kits and the third sections will all fit existing Preston Response and Response XS poles.

Superium top kits feature the ever-popular Preston Roller Pulla System, and come pre-bushed with the correct sized internal bush to suit the top kit style. The kits also feature EVA elastic alignment cones to ensure perfect elastic performance, and benefit from Depth Marker Indicators to allow for precise pole fishing. This is particularly important for F1 and shallow fishing where depth is key.

Depth Marker Indicators allow for precise pole fishing
Depth Marker Indicators allow for precise pole fishing

What’s more, Preston has simplified the spares package options for Superium poles and boiled them down to just four types, saving confusion and cash into the bargain.

After Preston Innovations’ media manager Joe Carrass had shown me the entire new Superium pole range, he invited me to have a go with any one of them.

Now, when you’ve only one set of finished poles, putting one into the hands of a tackle tester who may push it to the limits to see how it performs could be slightly worrying – especially when you have a team of sponsored anglers all clamouring to get their mitts on it!

But rather than make the obvious choice of the top-end Superium X90 pole (which, incidentally, will set you back just a quid under three grand), I opted for the cheaper, though still much vaunted, X50.

You have to be impressed that Preston has kept the top kits all the same, and the depth marker system is fast becoming a must-have on all top kits, especially for the commercial guys.

Now, before you start to even think that the new poles are simply re-hashed Responses, forget it – these Superiums have an altogether different feel.

These Superiums have an altogether different feel
These Superiums have an altogether different feel

They’re sharper, crisper and even more responsive than their respected predecessors, but still with the linear strength that all Response poles have in order to withstand the stresses and strains of commercial hauling or big-fish tactics.

The new Superium X50 is, as Preston says, ‘super impressive’ for its price. But what struck me about it was that it felt as if it was designed to be used at 16m – it wasn’t just a 13m pole with a couple of extensions chucked up its butt section to make up the length. It felt balanced and entirely usable.

The strength of the sections was evident when lumping into something hefty, the Easy Ship Finish was a joy to use, and the new Dura Wrap sections didn’t ever threaten to stick together, as can often be the case with a new pole purchase.

The new Superium X50 is, as Preston says, ‘super impressive’ for its price
The new Superium X50 is, as Preston says, ‘super impressive’ for its price

Now, before signing off, I have to confess that I did have a quick waggle over water with the flagship X90. Oh Lordy, and OMG, it’s bewilderingly good.

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself – know what I mean?

Price: £1,299.99


16m Pole inc Mini Extension

Match kit Supplied in pole

Match Top-2 kit (2.4m)

2 x F1 kits (2.4m)

4 x Carp kits (2.4m)

Kup Kit

Superium Holdall

Poles and top kit options


Superium poles benefit from a new joint-saving feature called Dura Wrap technology. This impressive carbon innovation will prolong the life of the pole joints even after intense use. Dura Wrap carries on right down to the butt sections to strengthen key stress areas.

All poles also feature an Easy Ship Finish, and all measure up to their true length with the reinforced mini extension.

Far from being a gimmick, these super-strong mini extensions prevent damage to expensive butt sections while making sure you’re fishing your pole at its full length.

Preston’s Japanese carbon technology produces strong, well-balanced poles
Preston’s Japanese carbon technology produces strong, well-balanced poles


Preston’s Japanese carbon technology produces strong, well-balanced poles, even at longer lengths. The firm took what it had learned from the Response mandrel and tweaked it to be slightly slimmer. That, along with different tapers, combines to create peak rigidity. The new X90, X70, X50 and Carp poles all share the same mandrel, while the X30, X20 and X10 have their own equally impressive version.



The X90 is incredibly stiff at all lengths, making rig control precise and easy while offering strength and durability previously only seen in cheaper poles. A proper flagship!

Price: £2,999.99


The X70 offers performance never before seen at this price. It remains super-stiff even at the full 16m, and can conquer commercials and master natural venues with ease.

Price: £1,799.99


Today’s commercial waters are becoming more demanding – larger weights are needed to win matches, and the fish continue to grow.

The Superium Carp will cope with these demands and offer performance normally associated with lightweight flagship poles. It interchanges fully with the X50, X70 and X90.

Price: £1,499.99


How did Preston produce a pole of this quality at this price? The consultant team initially thought the company had got it wrong! An amazing pole that is a true joy to use and own.

Price: £1,299.99


A true 16m all-rounder offering impressive rigidity and awesome strength to deal with hard-fighting carp and stronger pole elastics. You now have the option of fishing at 16m without breaking the bank!

Price: £999.99


The perfect 14.5m pole for tackling carp and silverfish. alike. Well balanced, it feels light in the hand and has the rigidity to fish delicate rigs at its full length.

Price: £749.99


The perfect all-round 13m pole, the X10 is ideal for those who only wish to fish up to 13m but is also the ideal ‘next step’ for those looking to advance from a shorter margin pole.

Price: £549.99


Super-strong, incredibly light and stiff, this stunning 8.5m beast can deal with the heaviest elastics available yet has the performance of a lightweight model. The perfect partner to all other Superium poles.

Price: £349.99

The Superium X50 was amazing... but don’t get me started about the flagship X90!
The Superium X50 was amazing... but don’t get me started about the flagship X90!


Preston has designed each spares package to perfectly suit each pole in the family. Generic top kits that fit all poles from the top down ensure that each Superium performs at its very best at all times.

The simplified top kit options are very angler-friendly and will cope with every possible pole fishing scenario.

Match kit 2.4m: Two-piece top kit featuring 2.2mm internal bushes and a reinforced wrap so the user can fit a Roller Pulla if required. Perfect for use with light elastics.

F1 KIT 2.4m (STANDARD AND GREY): Two-piece top kits featuring a 3.7mm internal bush and pre-fitted with a Roller Pulla. Suits medium strength elastics, ideal for F1s and smaller carp.

CARP KIT 2.4m: Two-piece kit with a 4mm internal bush and pre-fitted with a Roller Pulla. Will deal with hard-fighting carp and heavier elastics.

F1 SHORT KIT (STANDARD AND GREY): One-piece 1.85m top kit with 3.7mm internal bush and Roller Pulla, built to target F1s and smaller carp.

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