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There’s an old saying - ‘you get what you pay for’.

If you buy something on a budget then you shouldn’t expect it to perform as well as more expensive kit. But every now and again an item comes along that makes a mockery of this phrase. The latest pole from Preston Innovations being one such creation.

The 8.5m Edge Monster Margin has been designed to hook and land big fish at short range with ease. It’s much more than just a heavy handed power tool, though. Strength is certainly one of its many attributes and if any carp in your local fishery takes the hookbait when this pole is in use then it is likely to be on the end of a losing battle.

The walls of each section ooze muscle power and no matter how much force you exert when trying to get the upper hand against your quarry, you can rest assured you aren’t going to suffer breakages, even when using the thickest elastics.

Hook a fish close to a snag and you’re going to need quick reactions to prevent it from delving into the maze of sunken branches. In order to do that you need a pole that slides through your hands in a quick and fluid manner. The gloss finish on the butt section and mini extension does exactly that and the transition into the rest of the sections is smooth. Put simply, you can ship the Edge Monster Margin back in a flash, rain or shine!

More often than not the weight of a margin pole is compromised to gain the necessary strength but that isn’t the case here. This is a lightweight tool that could be held in one hand for long periods with minimal effort, even when using it at its full 8.5m length.

While the name suggests it is built for bagging enormous mirrors and commons from the margins, it is also a brilliant piece of kit for those taking their first novice steps into pole fishing.

Dropped sections and other slightly clumsy accidents are commonplace when you’re new to the game but the pole won’t splinter or snap as a result of these mishaps.

All of the sections are interchangeable with Preston’s Protype range of poles making this ideal for spares if you own one.

If all that isn’t enough then the price is going to seal the deal. A pole that is strong, lightweight, has a brilliant finish and is packed with built-in features for less than £150. Wow!

Preston Innovations has a reputation for raising the bar when it comes to new launches and the company has continued that trend with the Edge Monster Margin.

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Verdict: I’ve become used to tackle companies bosses waxing lyrical about their latest tackle and on some occasions the reality doesn’t match the hype. The team at Preston Innovations told me pre-test that the Edge Monster Margin would be strong, lightweight and easy to ship. It’s fair to say there was no exaggeration. It ticks every box and gets a big thumbs up from me

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