Top 5 landing net heads

There’s no point hooking a fish if you can’t land it! Here, we’ve picked out just the net for you...

by Angling Times |

Preston Free Flow Landing Net

What they say: The lightest nets we produce, the mesh moves freely, creating virtually no drag, making them ideal for silvers and F1s where speed is essential. Produced in 16ins, 18ins and 20ins sizes.

What we say: Already proving a big hit with anglers fishing commercials, these nets also suit natural waters where longer poles and faster netting are needed.

Price: £13.99-£15.99,

Korum Fast Net

What they say: Perfect for the mobile opportunist approach, a clever quick-release spring loaded mechanism allows the net to be unfolded with one hand. There’s also a floating version, perfect for wading situations. Both models have a carabiner clip so they can be attached to your bag. Sized at 22ins and 26ins.

What we say: Ideal for stalking where a fully erected net gets in the way. A good deep mesh makes it ideal for all sizes and species of fish.

Price: £27.99-£29.99, floating £34.99-£39.99,

Middy Supra Dry Nets

What they say: Utilising a free-flow open mesh that repels water and offers little resistance when speed scooping F1s and other smaller fish, the mega strong D-sectioned black anodised alloy frame makes them suitable for bigger carp too. Avaiable in 18ins, 20ins and 22ins sizes.

What we say: Incredibly lightweight, they’re ideal for both match and pleasure use. The perfect accompaniment for a top end landing net handle where every extra ounce feels like a tonne on the end.

Price: £14.99-£16.99,

Team Daiwa Rubber Landing Net Head

What they say: A fine rubberised mesh net designed to prevent hair-rigged speed stops, bayonets and bait bands from tangling in it. The material is also water-resistant, so it dries quickly and safely and won’t spread KHV or stink on the way home. In sizes 45cm, 50cm and 55cm.

What we say: Nothing’s more irritating than your hair rig being broken by a thrashing carp or F1. Not only do these nets keep rig damage to a minimum, but soft baits like banded caster often come out unharmed, speeding up your fishing.

Price: From £15.99,

Guru Competition, Speed and Dual nets

What they say: Three designs of net will cover all your match and pleasure fishing needs. The Competition has a fine 2mm mesh, perfect for protecting hair rigs. The Speed is available in two sizes, both with a 6mm mesh for easy and fast movement through the water. The Dual offers the best of both worlds with a fast 6mm top mesh and a hair-friendly 2mm mesh in the base.

What we say: A well thought-out set of nets with strong yet lightweight frames, each uniquely tailored to its particular purpose.

Price: Competition £14.99, Speed £16.99-£17.99, Dual £16.99,

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