The ultimate method feeder accessories

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Match your Method feeder to the best accessories and end tackle on the market...

Guru 4-inch QM1 Bayonet ready rigs

The curved shape has amazing hooking properties, giving an excellent hold, especially when targeting bigger fish. The bayonet lets the bait move freely and keeps it in line with the gape of the hook.

Why we rate them: The ultimate Method feeder hookbait is a mini boilie or wafter. Add ready tied hooks in size 10 or 12 for a match made in heaven.

Price: £3.99 for eight,

Preston KKH-B banded

Based on the original PR36, this exceptionally strong hook is tied to the even stronger Reflo Power Line! Four inches long on magnetic sticks which fit right into Preston’s Mag Store storage boxes, there are eight per stick.

Why we rate them: In smaller sizes 16 and 14, they’re a perfect match for smaller fish and commercial carp. The band is ideal for mini boilies, wafters and hard pellets, or for pulling through soft baits such as luncheon meat.

Price: £3.99 for eight,


Specifically designed for both standard and Method feeder work, this line comes on 100m spools and is fast-sinking and durable. Its slick surface finish makes it perfect for distance casting, allowing it to cut through the water’s surface film easily and sink really quickly.

Why we rate it: Drennan Method Feeder line will last you for several seasons. It has the perfect amount of stretch, knots well, and is very robust. What more could anyone ask of a reel line?

Price: £4.99,

Middy Quartex Feeder Rests

These rests are both practical and safe, making setting the tip easy while securing the rod. The front rest has a push button angle lock and a raised edge on one side to help place the rod, while a non-slip rubberised coating protects your gear. The V-style rear rest clamps the rod securely in place.

Why we rate them: Thoroughly safe and secure, these handy rests will hold your feeder rod neatly in place without impeding your fishing in any way.

Price: Rear Rest £6.99, Front Rest £10.99,

Guru Pulse Pro

An immensely long-distance line, with extra-low stretch and a fine diameter. Peel a little off a spool and you will feel how incredibly smooth it is. The lack of stretch isn’t as good for short-range work, but well worth investing in for longer casts. Available on 300m spools with a sticker at the midway point, allowing the same 150m length of line to be wound on to each spool.

Why we rate it: When it comes to long-distance Method Feeder tactics on any big open-water venue, Pulse Pro is as good a reel line as you could choose. It also knots well when used in conjunction with shockleaders.

Price: £11.99,

Daiwa Sensor line

With a reputation for exceptional reliability and rugged performance, Sensor has delivered durability, suppleness and superb knotting strength for many years. With a medium amount of stretch and cheap as chips to buy, it makes a great ‘go anywhere’ line! Widely available, and sold in a huge number of diameters and spool sizes, from 100m right through to huge 3000m bulk spools, you can see why Sensor is the go-to line for thousands of anglers.

Why we rate it: Sensor has been around forever and has helped to bank two British record carp. It’s a strong, no-nonsense performer with a proven track record.

Price: £5.50 - £10.99,

Middy M-Tech line

An exceptional all-round line that ticks all the boxes, especially when it comes to sinking your line, thanks to its hard-shell coating. It casts well, is difficult to damage, and lasts for ages on your reels. It has exceptionally good abrasion resistance, too, with a high knot strength. It comes on 300m handy bulk saver spools.

Why we rate it: Tough and long-lasting, Middy’s M-Tech has many fans, and its unique colour will blend in well.

Price: £7.50,

Korum Quick change beads

Not only do these handy beads act as a shock absorber when used with inline Method feeders, but they allow you to change your hooklength in seconds to replace a damaged one, or when changing bait or hair type. They are available in standard, large and discreet camo versions.

Why we rate them: Compatible with any type of feeder, these are quick and easy to use, and will hold your hooklength securely.

Price: £2.99 for eight,

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