The Ultimate Fishing Station

Take all the drama out of your seatbox set-up with the perfect box for modern angling

The Ultimate Fishing Station

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The seatbox re-invented by Octbox

Match anglers’ tackle requirements used to revolve around a couple of rods, a bait apron, or just a simple tackle box made out of plastic with no drawers.

The introduction of the pole changed all that, and from the late Eighties we started to see more and more anglers turn to the canal stool. Since then, seatboxes have become more and more complex.

The modern match angler of today has so many more baits, tactics, rigs and innovative tackle options, that managing them all during a match has become a much more complex operation requiring a whole host of seatbox accessories. These turn the humble seatbox into a fishing station.

Modern problems

Managing multiple nets, rigs, rods, top kits and long poles that can now extend past 17m can combine to create all kinds of problems, and innovative thinking is necessary to ensure that you get the most out of a swim during a match.

Managing keepnets is a relatively recent challenge for most anglers, as is having a bump bar support system capable of taking the immense weight to support much longer and heavier poles. The sheer range of new baits means that bait waiters now need to be bigger and often extend over the water, making the use of support legs difficult.

We now also have to consider how we can safely dock the extra rods and top kits that we set up to execute our detailed match plan, while also giving us some contingencies if things don’t go as expected.

The seatbox re-invented by Octbox
The seatbox re-invented by Octbox

The Octbox solution

The Octbox fishing station has been developed so it has all the accessories needed to manage the up-to-date requirements of the modern match angler.

Combine this with a chassis that can be configured as a single, double, four-wheeled or powered barrow, as well as a platform that has had its leg clamps (inner and outer) tested in the Cambridge University labs, taking weights up to 285kg (combining for a total of 1,700kg for the box) without slipping, and you begin to understand why the Octbox Fishing Station can give the match angler a big advantage in certain situations.

Despite its immense strength, the all-alloy design is lighter than most other seatboxes and even lighter than some of the most expensive carbon systems on the market today.

A seatbox accessory for every angler

1 - Seatbox (two drawer) D25 or D36 - £522/£850

2 - Additional Drawer Module with single or three drawers - £93

3 - Bump Bar & Pivoting Arms (Gives 8ins arc) - £71

4 - XL Bait Water & Lid - £143

5 - Groundbait Tray, can also be fitted to XL tray to swivel - £46

6 - Umbrella and 14cm Alloy brackets - £100

7 - Top Kit Set - ultra-safe storage for rods and top kits - £106

Top Kit Set
Top Kit Set

8 - Support leg for stability when an umbrella is being used - £31

9 - Standard Seat or Rotating Seat - £65/£119

Standard Seat or Rotating Seat
Standard Seat or Rotating Seat

10 - Chassis compatible with single, double, four-wheel and powered wheel kit options

Four-wheel and powered wheel kit options
Four-wheel and powered wheel kit options

11 - Two 50cm support posts

____ Bait boxes and Keepnets in pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not included__*

Complete Fishing Station with either D25 or D36 – £1,195/£1,475

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