The best silverfish pole elastics

Dan Webb picks out the gear you need inside your top kits now

The best silverfish pole elastics

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Now’s a great time to start looking into those lighter pole elastics for autumn and winter. There are three main types to consider...


This elastic is the original stuff we all used years ago. It powers up quite quickly, which is great for keeping bigger silverfish under control, but has only limited stretch, meaning an accidental carp can easily bottom it out and break your line.


Here we have a premium product that lasts far longer in your pole and has a huge degree of stretch that just keeps powering up and up. This makes it ideal for mixed sizes of fish, especially when combined with a puller, but can lead to loss of control when fishing confined or snaggy pegs.


This elastic, as the name suggests, occupies the middle ground between solid and hollow types.

Preston Dura Slip Hybrid size 5

The new hybrid elastic on the block. Very forgiving and stretchy, yet it powers up quicker than other hybrids. The size 5 is fantastic for skimmers and silvers, especially on shallower venues.

+ Relatively cheap

+ Lasts reasonably well

+ Gives you a great chance of landing big bonus fish

- Lacks the power of a hollow

Price: £5.99 for 3m,

Preston Dura Slip Hybrid size 5
Preston Dura Slip Hybrid size 5

Daiwa pink Hydrolastic

The original premium hollow elastic on the market. It stretches for miles, gradually powering up as it does so, giving you the best possible chance of landing that accidental big fish you might hook among the silvers.

The Pink grade is our favourite for autumn skimmers and roach on commercials when used with a puller.

+ Huge degree of stretch prevents hook-pulls

+ Lasts for months, if not years, in your pole

- Costly

- Heavier in your pole than standard elastics

Price: £14.99 for 3m, [](

Daiwa pink Hydrolastic
Daiwa pink Hydrolastic

Nufish Zipp Hybrid 4-6 & 6-8

Retaining the 700 per cent stretch factor of hollow, this hybrid runs soft and smooth even in cold weather, while also feeling light inside a top kit. Use 4-6 for roach and 6-8 for skimmers.

  • Affordably priced
  • Thin and light, adding minimal weight to a top kit
  • Very stretchy
  • Less durable than hollow

Price: £4.99 for 3m,

Nufish Zipp Hybrid 4-6 & 6-8
Nufish Zipp Hybrid 4-6 & 6-8

Middy Reactacore Hollow 4-6

A triple core hollow elastic that produces a range of power bands in one grade of elastic. A reliable and smooth-running elastic at a formidable price. Look at the 4–6 Flame Orange for autumn silvers, ideally used with a puller.

  • Enough elastic for two top kits
  • Extremely tough and
  • Hard wearing
  • A limited range of sizes

Price: pay around £14.99 for 5m,

Middy Reactacore Hollow 4-6
Middy Reactacore Hollow 4-6

Preston Original Slip sizes 2 to 6

As old as the hills, yet still a firm favourite among many natural water anglers. This solid elastic is incredibly smooth-running, thanks to being pre-treated in lubricant. Best sizes are 2, 3 and 4 for natural water roach and 5 or 6 for skimmers.

  • Cheap – there’s enough for two top kits in a pack
  • Very forgiving
  • Limited stretch keeps control, meaning it can be used without a puller
  • Has a limited lifespan
  • Not so good for landing big bonus carp

Price: £2.99 for 5m,

Preston Original Slip sizes 2 to 6
Preston Original Slip sizes 2 to 6
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