The best side trays

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Avid Any Chair Table

Compatible with any chair with 25mm and 22m round or 25mm square legs. The supplied multi-angle adapter means it can even be used on chairs with angled legs, yet the table will still be level. What’s more, the adapter can be left permanently attached and the tray removed in transit, thanks to the quick release system.

Why we’d buy one: A tray that can be used on chairs that no other tray will fit! Made from durable wipe-clean plastic, it’s built to last and even includes a recess for holding your mug.

Price: £37.99,

MAP QRS Side trays

Three different sizes of tray, each including MAP’s multi-angle 180-degree locking bracket which can fit 25mm, 30mm or 36mm round legs. The small model is fast and light to fit, while the medium and large are both supplied with a pair of telescopic support lengths with multiple leg fixing points which can also be used with other QRS accessories.

Why we’d buy one: Not just a place to put your bait, but an ideal location for fixing roosts, brollies and rests thanks to the additional QRS sockets.

Price: Small £45, Medium £85, Large £104.99,

Matrix 3D-R Pro Feeder Side Tray

A lid keeps your bait dry and out of the sun, while a folding accessory tray will hold small items in place in transit. Tension hinges ensure the six x 3.3 pint capacity lid remains open when required, and it comes with two support legs. Fits 25mm, 30mm or 36mm legs.

Why we’d buy one: Almost a tackle box and side tray in one! Not only a safe and convenient place to put your bait, but a place to store your bits and pieces like scissors and disgorgers too.

Price: £119.99,

Octbox swivel tray

An additional tray that mounts to the Octbox Baitwaiter using a pivot pin system, meaning the tray can be swivelled under the Baitwaiter to protect bait from sun and rain, and back out again when baiting up or feeding. A main bowl can hold groundbait, while two smaller compartments each take a smaller bait box.

Why we’d buy one: A must-have addition for any Octbox owner when fishing with groundbait or a feeder.

Price: £46,

Shakespeare SKP Side Tray and Groundbait bowl

The self-supporting side tray comes with a removable groundbait bowl that’ll hold a couple of kilos of groundbait plus a few bait tubs. This self-supporting side tray and groundbait bowl doesn’t require the use of additional legs and is fully compatible with the SKP Feeder Chair.

Why we’d buy one: The ideal companion for an SKP Feeder Chair. A simple and cheap tray that does a great job.

Price: £34.99,

Preston Innovations Venti-Lite Hoodie side trays

Available in small, standard and large, these trays fit all round-legged 36mm boxes on the market, providing protection from rain and sun thanks to the collapsible hood.

Why we’d buy one: Rain or shine, sun or snow, this side tray will not only keep your bait close to hand, but in tip-top condition.

Price: £69.99-£103.99,

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