The best pellet wagglers

Our selection covers every aspect of shallow rod-and-line pellet sport...

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Drennan Pellet Flyers

Designed for shallow pellet fishing on small to medium-sized commercials, these Pellet Flyers come in 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g, with lengths from 90mm. Their transparent bodies make them less conspicuous than solid-coloured floats – a big advantage when you’re up in the water. The blended, streamlined shape and base loaded weight ensure precise casting, and they have a single, removable disc weight so you can choose how much of the tip is showing. They also come with clear plastic dive disks relevant to the float’s size.

Price: £3.95,

Daiwa Carpa Balsa Pellet Wagglers

Carpa Balsa Pellet Wagglers are designed around Will Raison’s tried-and-tested designs. He’s hand-made dozens of versions, perfecting the flight shape and float-to-load ratio in three sizes.

Each one has hi-viz built-in flights and a fully-loaded brass base. Easily adjusted, the base carries a lightweight splash disc (and spare) to stop the float diving. Balsa offers excellent buoyancy and stability, especially when windy, a must for effective presentation and a high catch-rate.

The wood look is protected by a low-glare varnish, kept to a minimum to protect the casting balance of the floats. Available in weights and sizes 7g/105mm, 9g/120mm and 11g/150mm.

Price: £4.99,

Middy Soft Land Pellet Stubbee

Designed by former Matchman of the Year and commercial ace Lee Thornton, these three sizes of loaded waggler – 1SSG (1.6g), 2SSG (3.2g) and 3SSG (4.8g) – are perfect for the shyest of shallow-feeding carp as they make minimal disturbance when hitting the water. Made from balsa, with yellow and red tip options, the secret to the design is keeping the loading separate from the float at the bottom of the stem.

Best used with longer 12ft or 13ft rods where good distances can still be achieved while keeping the float as light as possible, these floats can winkle out bites when everyone else is blanking.

Price: £2.69,

Benwick Silverlite Ghost mini waggler

These self-cocking mini wagglers are already loaded to the base of the bristle, meaning they can suspend a big bait like a large pellet yet remain far more sensitive than a standard pellet waggler.

Ideal for shallow or floater fishing, they’ll also take a 4.5mm Starlight for fishing late into the evening, making them perfect for pleasure and specialist anglers as well as matchmen. These highly adaptable little floats come in 3g, 4g and 5g sizes which provide enough weight to cover short to medium ranges. Each is supplied with both a red and a yellow tip.

Price: £2.75,

Drennan Shorty Pellet wagglers

These are ideal for up-in-the-water summer tactics on larger open water venues. The floats have an 11mm body diameter and come in 4g, 5g, 6g and 7g sizes, with highly visible flighted tips in a choice of red, orange or yellow. A streamlined base weight contributes to super accurate casting, while a pair of removable brass weighted discs allows for additional fine-tuning to suit the size and weight of your hookbait.

Optional dive discs help to reduce deep diving on landing.

Price: £3.50,

Preston Precision Pellet wagglers

Made from 10mm balsa, these self-cocking pellet wagglers are designed for fishing on the drop within the top few feet of water on smaller commercials.

Extensively tested and tweaked by Preston’s team of experts, they fly like a dream with zero wobble, and only dive slightly on impact.

Their thin, sensitive nature means they can also be used to mug cruising fish if the opportunity arises. Five sizes in the range cover weights from 2g to 6g.

Price: £2.75,

Matrix 12mm Pellet waggler

A uniquely-designed pellet waggler made from a tough and flexible aerated plastic material that is highly buoyant and immensely strong.

These bigger 12mm versions are made for bigger venues and bigger fish – they are the choice for catching those crafty carp shallow at range. Not only can you get a great distance with them, but they stand up to the rigors of catching big carp, even when the fish decide to throw a fit in your landing net! Sizes of 6g, 8g, 10g and 12g ensure that they will reach any distance that you need to fish.

Price: £7.99 for two,

Guru Foam Pellet Wags

Foam has long been the material of choice for anglers who make their own pellet wagglers, due to its immense buoyancy.

Thankfully, fans of foam can now buy floats pre-made and expertly crafted by Guru. Extra strength has been afforded by plastic caps on the base, while the vibrant tops contain flights to ensure they cast straight and true. Although some anglers still prefer jumbo locking shot, these beauties work perfectly with Guru Waggler Converters – each sized to perfectly cock each float. Made from 10mm foam in 2SSG (3.2g), 3SSG (4.4g) and 5SSG (6.5g) weightings.

_Price: £5.99 for two, www.tackleguru.com_



EASY to use and ideal with any waggler float, you simply slide the rubber lugs on to your line, keeping the snap link in the middle before attaching your float.

Price: £2.99,


WHEN you’re going for a big chuck, or using heavier wagglers, these big float attachments are super-tough, very durable and prevent any slippage when casting. They also help to fold the float flat on the strike.

Price: £3.99,


FULLY shot an unloaded pellet waggler with these handy little adaptors. Insert the waggler into the soft sleeve for a secure fixing. Sized at 2SSG, 3SSG and 4SSG to match Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers, but they’ll work with other makes too.

Price: £4.99 for two,


These easy and quick to use adaptors from Guru are the perfect mainline to float attachment. They feature a micro swivel so that the adaptor can be used with the smallest of line stops.

Ideal for use with most wagglers, they have a large rounded free movement clasp that ensures that the float sits at the correct angle.

Price: £2.49 per pack of 10,

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