The best Method feeders & mould sets

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We take a look at some of best feeders available for this prolific bagging tactic…

Guru Method Feeders

This feeder completely shook up the Method market many moons ago, with the introduction of a dedicated bait platform and X-Safe – an elasticated system that releases the elastic and frees the fish should a breakage occur.

There’s even an additional clip available separately to hold a pop-up in place above the frame.

Price: £2.75 - £2.99

Inline or elasticated: In-line or X-Safe

Quick change: Elasticated only

Spare stems: X-Safe elasticated stems medium or strong elastic £3.49 for two

Mould: X-Press Method Mould £4.19

Matrix Alloy Method feeders

Full alloy construction with an interchange system and a removable plinth, each inline feeder even comes with a special bead for attaching your hooklength that fits into the tube, enhancing the bolt rig effect.

The weight-forward design helps with casting, while the deep latex mould allows for double loading when fish are feeding well.

Price: £2.99

Inline or elasticated: Inline as standard

Quick change: Yes

Spare stems: Elasticated feeder tubes £2.75 for two

Mould: Matrix Evolution Mould £3.99

Middy Gripper Flatbed Method Feeder

These stand-out feeders work exceptionally well when cast to islands, margins or features. The contoured stepped lead on their underside stops them slipping down steep shelves and reduces the chances of line bites pulling the feeder out of place.

The Compacta Mould’s one-handed plunger design is dead easy to use, even with cold wet hands, and can be used with some other brands of feeder too.

Price: £2.50

Inline or elasticated: Inline

Quick change: No

Spare stems: N/A

Mould: Compacta Mould and feeder twin pack £7.25

Preston ICS InLine Method Feeder

A splayed rib configuration leaves plenty of feeder for pellets or groundbait to grip on to, and ample room for your hookbait to sit. A full alloy construction with a slot running the full length means even the inline versions can be changed without tackling down.

The mould has a clever spring-loaded button system and is one of the easiest to use on the market. A distance version is also available.

Price: £2.99

Inline or Elasticated: Inline as standard

Quick change: Yes

Spare stems: Elasticated ICS stems £2.99 for two

Mould: Quick Release Method Mould £3.99

Drennan inline flatbed method

With more than a decade of use, this great feeder has stood the test of time. A generous space between ribs ensures optimal bait presentation. Its rounded flexible mould and elongated shape makes for an aerodynamic package that casts well and leaves a natural-looking pile of feed on the bottom. A great choice for fans of inline feeders, or on venues where elasticated models aren’t allowed.

Price: £2.75

Inline or elasticated: Inline only

Quick change: No

Spare stems: N/A

Mould: Mould and feeder dual pack £5.25

Cresta Method Feeders

Every model is quick change throughout the Cresta commercial feeder range, and can be bought either inline or elasticated. Even the Guru X-Safe stems fit them, but we didn’t tell you that! The mould itself is ingenious – a collar fits around the feeder which you fill with bait and then press down with the separate lid, meaning the feeder is easily released even when loaded with very sticky baits. These aren’t so widely available in the UK, but are well worth hunting down.

Price: Inline £2.25, elasticated £2.49

Inline or elasticated: Both

Quick Change: Yes

Spare stems: Cresta elasticated tubes £2.49

Mould: Compress two-piece mould £2.49

E-S-P Mega Method Feeder

A huge feeder designed for bigger carp rather than match use. In specialist situations, it’s faster to prepare and easier to cast than PVA bags, making it ideal for prolific ‘runs’ waters or when looking for big bream and tench.

Available in Large (56g and 85g) and X-Large (in 70g and a whopping 100g), this is a specialist feeder with very big fish in mind!

Price: £3.99

Inline or elasticated: Inline

Quick change: No

Spare stems: N/A

Mould: mould and feeder twin pack £7.25

Korum Dura Method Feeder

Arguably the easiest feeder to load in our line-up, the raised ridges around the edge hold even softer baits in place very well. Although easy to fill by hand, the spring-loaded mould ensures the perfect loading every time.

Made from lead with a camouflage coating, you get two feeder per pack along with quick change beads, making them exceptional value.

Price: £4.99 for two

Inline or elasticated: Inline

Quick change: No

Spare stems: No

Mould: Dura method feeder mould £5.49

Korda Bait-Up Method Feeder

The only classic ball type Method feeder in our guide, it can deliver far more bait than the modern flatbed types can, making it perfect for prolific bagging waters. A weighted fin ensures it always lands the right way up, meaning the hookbait will never become trapped underneath. The internal tube is designed to accommodate a Korda size 8 swivel creating a semi-fixed setup. Available in 35g and 50g and suitable for specialist bream and tench fishing too.

Price: £3.25

Inline or elasticated: Inline

Quick change: No

Spare stems: N/A

Mould: N/A

Daiwa N’Zon Method Feeders

A recent release, these Lead Free Zinc Alloy feeders with a rubberised low viz coating come in a widened elongated shape meaning they both cast well and give a good sized bait table to present to feeding fish.

The slot on each feeder means the whole stem can be removed to easily swap feeders. The flexible moulds have a softened area in the centre for the loaded feeder to be pressed out.

Price: £2.99

Inline or elasticated: Inline

Quick Change: Yes

Spare stems: No

Mould: N’Zon Method Mould £1.99

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