The best commercial pole floats

On the deck, up in the water, margins, mugging or paste, these are our pick of the top commercial pole floats...

by Angling Times |

Guru MW Margin Diamond

What they are: A virtually indestructible margin pole float built to the highest standards, as specified by legendary float builder Mike Wilkinson. The smaller sizes are great for trickier fish, while the bigger ones really come into their own when loads of fish are present and a big weight is on the cards.

Why you should try them: Margin fishing puts tremendous strain on a pole rig and its float. These really are tough, and should survive a number of years of abuse.

Sizes: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g

Price: £2.49,

Malman Banker

What they are: Designed by top match angler Adam Richards, the Banker is a one size float to cover all mudline fishing on the pole. A buoyant tip and a heavy 5 x No8 loading anchor it in place, ensuring that it only goes under with a proper bite. Available with red or yellow tips.

Why you should try them: One float with a simple shotting pattern to cover all your near- and far-bank shallow water fishing. Mega strong and high performing, 20p from each float bought goes to the Prostate Cancer UK charity.

Sizes: One size

Price: £2.30,

Preston Innovations Des Shipp Paste

What they are: A slim paste float for ultimate bite registration, as it’s cocked by your ball of paste. An eye on top of the stem and on the body gives strength and a direct line to the pole or rod-tip. Two sizes cover both deep and shallow water.

Why you should try them: Strong yet lightweight, this float makes paste rig choice very easy.

Sizes: Paste 1 and Paste 2

Price: £2.10,

DT Skittle

What they are: A tough float with a thick tip and a glass stem. The small Skittle takes two No10 shot and is perfect for casters, maggots and 4mm pellets while the large takes five No10s and will suspend 4mm, 6mm or 8mm pellets. Available in full orange, full yellow or full black.

Why you should try them: A hugely popular and highly visible float for fishing shallow. A minimalist design has very little to catch in your landing net. The black is particularly easy to see in large open venues with little reflection.

Sizes: Small, large

Price: £2.40,

Drennan Margin Crystal

What they are: Made using Drennan’s precision blow-moulding technology, the thick 2.5mm hollow bristle is highly visible, with the option of red or yellow tips.

Why you should try them: This little float could just give you the edge in clearer waters and shallower swims. Mega-strong, with a spring eye, it can withstand a lot of heavy use.

Sizes: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g

Price: £2.35,

Middy MW Diamond Mugger

What they are: These deliberately short, stocky and super-tough Rohacell foam-bodied floats are perfect for swinging out to cruising fish. A medium thickness hollow bristle is highly visible yet sensitive, and further strength is added thanks to the Middy Wrap reinforced side eye.

Why you should try them: Short and stubby, these floats have plenty of stability thanks to the bulbous body and glass stem. You’ll find them very easy to swing out to fish that you’ve spotted, and you will suffer very few wrap-overs in the process, making them the perfect pattern to take along for those summer mugging sessions!

Sizes: 4x10, 4x12

Price: £2.49,

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