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I’ve been using a lime-coloured Superbox S36 for the past 12 months, having previously owned an original Super 36 and a Superbox 1 too.

As a match angler, when I’m going to be sat on something for five or six hours once or twice a week then I want it to be comfortable. And that’s exactly what the S36 is all about. This is a big box and with the combination of the special padded seat and 36mm legs, it makes this is a very stable set up. If you're comfortable, you're able to concentrate more and also be more patient, which means more fish on the bank.

The only slight drawbag of all this stability is the weight as it’s not the lightest box out there. But I rarely carry my box more than 50 yards or so and if I have a bit of a walk to a peg then I’ll put it on a shuttle-type trolley anyway. A good wheel kit is also available for the S36 range.

I’ve kitted out my S36 with a deep cross drawer and a shallow cross drawer, which takes it to the perfect height for me, keeping my feet and legs level for pole fishing. The draws themselves are very good, they rarely stick and dividers are supplied. I also have a rig stacking system which slides on top of the footplate for transit.

I confess I had a few issues with the original superboxes, namely the footplate cassette 'warping' upwards on the Mark I, and a few of the rubber back plate graphics falling off on the Mark II . I'm pleased to report that these have been more than addressed with all current Matrix Superboxes. The anti-warp footplate in particular is nicely solid so you can stand up on it in complete confidence, without the risk of anything slipping.

Also the back plate is secured in layers with no chance of the logo coming off. There are a few holes in the plate to make for a skeletal design, although a few more of these would have been welcome to further reduce weight, but this is me being very picky here!

The Superbox 36 has loads of useful little features added on too. At the top of each 36mm leg is a screw insert for attachments or leg extensions, plus there's a spirit level and an extended thread on the footplate hand wheels, to adjust how much footplate you want out.


Colour wise I went for the initial lime version over the grey one as it matched my luggage but since then the range has been added to quite a few times. You'll now find blue and black models, which are about to come out, plus some limited edition turquoise and orange versions are already in circulation. The choice is yours!

This brings me nicely onto the cost. Now the price of seatboxes seems to have reached dizzy new heights recently, a bit like the transfer market in football. Not so with the S36 however. Depending on the colour, a full spec S36 will only set you back somewhere in the region of £399 to £499. Now if that's not value for money, given the build quality, I don't know what is!


A very solid box and a great all around fishing station with plenty of add ons available.

If the Superbox 36 serves you half as well as it has served me then it's a worthwhile investment. Thumbs up from me!

Ben Fisk



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