Drennan hooks usher in a new era

by Angling Times |

VERY little changed in spade end hook technology after Drennan launched Japanese needle point hooks nearly 40 years ago – until now!

The processes were there to make finer-tipped and sharper hooks, helped by the use of PTFE coatings, but the wire strength was always the limiting factor – too fine a point can easily be blunted.

The new Acolyte range, Drennan’s strongest and most durable spade end hooks to date, changes all that. Their increased strength means that they can be made sharper and finer than ever – in fact, during tests five-times World Champ Alan Scotthorne used the same individual hook over several sessions, each time catching huge weights of fish!

Eight classic patterns cover finesse fishing for smaller species right up to bigger carp, tench, chub and bream. There are barbed versions for natural waters and barbless hooks for commercials.

All are forged, with a PTFE coating, except for the Red Finesse, the red coating of which can apparently attract smaller fish to the hook.

As exciting as these releases are, this may be just the start, as Drennan says that these ground-breaking Acolyte hooks are “just the initial launch.” Let’s, then, take a closer look at the full range...



WHAT THEY SAY: Made from a super-fine wire, micro-barbed and aimed at finer baits such as squatts, pinkies and maggots, their special red coating replaces the PTFE common to the rest of the range.
In sizes 16-22.

WHAT WE SAY: We can see these being a huge hit with canal and drain anglers looking to catch big bags of smaller fish, where the sharper and more durable points will be a huge advantage.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: These hooks lend themselves to commercial waters where bites are particularly finicky. Silverfish during the winter can register incredibly shy bites and require ultra-light presentation. In sizes 16-22.

WHAT WE SAY: Although aimed at commercials, super-fine-wire barbless hooks are also great for speed fishing for smaller species. The surprisingly strong wire can also handle bigger skimmers.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: A traditional silverfish pattern. Fine in the wire, these hooks are still incredibly strong, with their needle points lasting for fish after fish. Ideal for use with maggots, casters and worms. In sizes 14-20.

WHAT WE SAY: Perfect for roach, bream and skimmers, we can’t wait to get some of these tied up to try on the river come June 16!

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: Fine in the wire, these hooks are still incredibly strong, ideal for maggots, casters and worms. A traditional shape aimed at commercial silverfish, but more than strong enough for maggot fishing for F1s in winter.

WHAT WE SAY: Probably the only hook you’ll need on prolific winter commercials when targeting silverfish or F1s. A tried-and-trusted shape, now sharper and stronger than ever.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: These will handle pellets, bunches of maggots or corn. Ideal for carp and F1s.

WHAT WE SAY: Strong hooks for use against big fish in open water or teamed up with a margin pole and double worm or bunches of maggots for huge margin-dwellers.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: A heavier-duty hook aimed at bigger natural water fish when perfect presentation is paramount. Designed for maggots, they’ll also easily accommodate worms or corn. In sizes 12-20.

WHAT WE SAY: This hook just screams waggler, Bolo and stick float fishing with natural baits for all sizes of fish. Not just a river pattern, it could be used for big fish on canals, or for catching large weights on waters in Ireland.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: Similar to the Acolyte Silverfish Barbless Hook, but with a thicker gauge wire. A classic all-round maggot hook in sizes 12-20.

WHAT WE SAY: Carp and F1s are the obvious target here, with maggots the bait, but the slightly rounded shape means that we’d happily slip on a pellet or try them with meat too.

Price: £2.45 for 10


WHAT THEY SAY: The strongest barbed hook in the Acolyte range, ideal for bagging situations with meat, corn, maggots, casters and worms.

WHAT WE SAY: A classic bream hook, perfect for both pole and feeder, and able to go against wild river barbel too! A formidable looking hook with a lot of strength behind it.

Price: £2.45 for 10

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