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Over the closing weeks of the river season Angling Times News Reporter Chris Haydon was out on the banks in search of perch and pike on lures. Whilst catching a few fish, including a new personal best, he’s had the perfect chance to fully test Berkleys New X9 braid in a number of conditions, here are his thoughts…

I’ve had a brilliant experience whilst testing the X9 Lo Vis Green braid in both 10lb and 20lb breaking strains. These low diameter and low visibility braids are perfect for crystal clear water conditions which are common in the colder months. This attribute is particularly beneficial when fishing for species such as perch as the low visibility enables a shorter fluorocarbon trace to be used, which can greatly improve bite detection. The diameter also proves beneficial in other areas too as I only use a small 2000 size reel when perch fishing, which the braid sufficiently filled and sat neatly on.

Casting is where this product really comes into its own though. Great distances can be achieved effortlessly and accurately due to the zero stretch and low noise properties of the braid. Like all braids most anglers choose to spool up with, the Berkley X9 offers superior bite indication to a monofilament mainline, again, due to its zero stretch properties. This enables the angler to feel everything that the lure comes into contact with on the bottom. Whilst using the braid I found I connected with 90% of the bites I had from perch, which I caught up to 3lb 4oz.

PB perch of 3lb 4oz whilst testing the X9 Braid

An issue often encountered when using braid is tangles, but this wasn’t an issue with the X9, despite its extreme suppleness. In terms of strength the X9 also appeared reliable with all knots holding and pike up to around the 8lb mark landed with ease. I used a variety of lures including some big plugs and the braid cast them all without cracking off.

Latched into a river pike the X9 braid held firm

Despite several sessions the braid showed little signs of deterioration, even when often being left set up running through the rod rings for ease of use on my often short sessions. Overall this product is great for the mobile lure angler and will suit a variety of applications from roving with small lures on rivers to chucking plugs for big Stillwater pike.”

Berkley X9 Braid Low Viz Green


· Available in Fluoro Green, Lo Vis Green and Crystal Clear

· 150m spools

· Designed for optimum strength and casting distance

· Smooth for long and quiet casts

· High knot strength

· 9-carrier construction

· PE Core

Price: £42.99 (If you shop around you’ll find it cheaper)

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