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DANIEL Bock is only 25 years old, but he’s just landed the heaviest member of the carp family ever taken on rod and line!

The globetrotting angler from Berlin battled the 241lb Siamese carp for nearly an hour at Thailand’s Palm Tree Lagoon Fishery during his three-and-a-half-week trip to the country.

He spent 14 of those days fishing and struck into the carp of his dreams just a day before he was due to leave.

“In the morning, I got off to a good start by catching a 175lb Siamese carp known as ‘The Warrior’ on a Method feeder and pop-up boilie,” Daniel tells us.

“When my next bite came I had a good feeling that this was bigger as its initial run was incredible. I worked for every metre of line on the reel and most of the time this was lost as the fish went on several powerful runs.

“The fight lasted about an hour, and was so exhausting in Thailand’s hot climate. When we finally had it in the net I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“It was madness when staff told me it was a world record. For every angler this is a moment you wish for, and I’m so glad it was one I was allowed to experience.”

Daniel’s effort smashed the previous Siamese carp world record of 232lb just before Germany enforced a lockdown.

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