Whose catfish is it anyway?

This year's most bizarre catch story


by Angling Times |

IN ONE of the strangest catches this season, Byron Tolliday-Watts landed an 80lb catfish just 40 minutes after Steve Dolan, fishing in the next swim, lost it.

Targeting a local lake, Southampton rod Steve was reeling in after a blank session when he connected with what at first he believed to be a snag.

“I thought that my rig I was caught on something, but then it took off like nothing I’ve ever hooked!” he said.

“An hour and 10 minutes later, we dragged this beast to the net, only for it to snap off. I was gutted, but during the fight the fish had wrapped itself around Byron’s line. As he reeled in, it was still there and 40 minutes later he landed this 80lb cat. But just whose fish is it?"

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