Where do we draw the line with technology in fishing?

Rob Hughes questions the use of tech in angling

Where do we draw the line with technology in fishing?

by Angling Times |

The use of technology in angling has long been a topic of discussion. Bait boats and depth finders, in particular, always provide a healthy debate. But what does technology mean to you, and does it have a place in angling?

In match angling, someone who comes up with a new method and walks a contest often sees their ‘edge’ or ‘gadget’ banned and outlawed from competition, whereas other ‘inventions’ have become widely used.

And that’s what puzzles me! Some innovations and developments are met with hearty praise, while others are met with consternation and scorn.

Drones are the latest item of technology to come under scrutiny, especially in carp fishing, where they have been used to look for groups of fish or even clear spots in a lake. But is it really cricket?

In my primary job, making angling films, we regularly use drones – they add so much to our production values.

In addition, our viewers love the shots they provide, but they do have their downside. I know of at least two occasions when fish that have clearly been settled in my swim have spooked and moved away because of a drone hovering above them... and that can affect other anglers’ chances. To me, the widespread use of drones is just that one step too far, and a few fisheries are now banning them from their waters.

It begs the question: where should we draw the line with technology, or should there not be a line at all?

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